Ladies, Here’s What You Should Pack for Your Honeymoon

The wedding has come and gone, and now it’s time for you and your spouse to enjoy being newlyweds. Whether you’re traveling overseas or going on a road trip, we got you covered in terms of which clothing items to pack. You are most likely going somewhere...

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4 Lessons in 4 Years of Marriage

My husband, Ahmed, and I have known each other our entire lives. Our parents were always such good friends and our interest for one another sprung from there. We were both born in Marietta, Georgia by the same nurses (and at home…no really), and we’re...

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17 Things You Should Never Say to Your In-Laws

Almost every relationship involving in-laws is a sensitive one. Some things you can say to your own family, you probably should not say to your in-laws. Below are some things you probably shouldn’t say to your in-laws that may apply to you, your spouse, your...

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How to Pick Your Honeymoon Destination

Deciding on your honeymoon destination is one of the many difficult decisions you have to make when getting married. At most, your honeymoon will factor three things: time, money, and interests. We hope the following will help narrow down your choices. Ask yourself:...

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How to Guarantee a Perfect Honeymoon

A few insider secrets to get you started. First: Talk, Talk, Talk! Talk to your would-be-spouse, talk to friends, talk to travel experts. The purpose in the initial conversations is just to share and learn expectations, find out from others what worked for them or did...

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