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Many of our posts are created to give you ideas and inspire you in all things Muslim wedding.


The main goal of Perfect Muslim Wedding is to lend a helping hand which includes tools to assist you in all things wedding and marriage.

Before Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful journey, but takes work. We at PMW will provide you with advice to help prepare you for this new journey you’re about to embark on.

Now That You're Married

Yes, we’ll hold your hand through the planning process, but we won’t stop there. We will provide you with advice and tips to have a happy marriage.


Scrum Your Wedding Planning

If you’re not into project management or Tech, not to worry, Scrum isn’t a bad word. It’s the in-thing in Agile project management which is used in software development and from there has grown into marketing, manufacturing and yes weddings. Our... read more

What are the Odds Weddings and Marriages

What are the odds you’ll be struck by lightning or win the lottery? The answer is 1 in 960,000, 1 in 13,983,816 respectively. Interesting statistics. If you browse the “The Book of Odds”  a collection of stats that rule everyday life, there are some intriguing... read more

21 Truth Graphs about Muslim Weddings

Guy Kawasaki shared a wonderful posting on Facebook, about Truthgraphs. They are very simple and funny graphs and we at Perfect Muslim Wedding took the idea and brainstormed truths about Muslim Weddings and marriage. Hopefully you will see they resonate for most... read more

Submit Your Real Wedding

We want to hear all about your wedding day! Go ahead and get your favorite photos together and submit your story below.


Planning Guide

Our new & improved planning guide is a 56-page spread to guide new couples in planning their special day.