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How Do You Know When He or She is the One?

The pendulum has swung, the tables have turned, and you have heard the oft quoted “Where are all the good men in our community?” The reality is that for both young men and women the idea of “romantic love” from the wider society we live in has... read more

7 Men and Women You Should Never Marry

Although Perfect Muslim Wedding is a site that encourages marriage, we also want to educate our readers about some of the red flags about people you might get hitched to and live to regret. We will start with a disclaimer that human beings are, well, exactly that. No... read more

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage During Ramadan

Ramadan is such a beautiful and holy month. A great time to not only strengthen ourselves, but our relationships as well. This is the perfect month for some major bonding time with your spouse. Here are some ways that’ll strengthen your marriage during this... read more

How to Plan a Wedding Party at Home

We may think that everyone wants the same thing: A Big. Fat. Wedding, but that’s not necessarily true. Some of us like smaller intimate gatherings and that’s totally fine. Others may just not have the funds for an elaborate wedding and that’s totally... read more

How to Continue Wedding Planning During Ramadan

Ramadan consists of long days and short nights. Which gives you plenty of time in the day to plan, plan, plan. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds without food or water throughout the day. We’re here to tell you that no, you don’t have to put your... read more

How to Assign Tasks to Members of Your Wedding Party

Your big day is coming up and you’re feeling all kinds of stress, right? I know because I’ve been there. Don’t worry though everything will come together according to Allah’s (swt) plan. Here’s a little tip: divide up the tasks! This will... read more

How to Measure Yourself  for a Muslim Wedding Dress

When you are selecting a wedding dress there are basically two options. The first is to go with a ready made off-the-shelf variety where alterations can be made. The second is to have a custom dress made. It is important to remember to get accurate measurements no... read more

19 Fun Muslim Wedding Photo Ideas

We’ve all seen the common wedding photos, so we wanted to bring you something different. Here are some creative Muslim wedding photo ideas that you have to try. A special thanks to all of our photographers. Enjoy! 1. Play Peek-a-boo. 2. Come on everybody, party... read more

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