10 Ways to Romance your wife husband

Salam, Peace and Happy New Year,

They say one of the secrets of marriage is never to stop dating your spouse. One of the ways to do this is to continue re-innovating your marriage including your love and sex life.

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  1. No matter how your day was greet your spouse at the door with a smile and welcome.
  2. Hide a love note in her purse or his wallet, or send a coded naughty text message.
  3. Pray to God for each other
  4. ¬†Share a fragrance date by going to Macy’s or the mall and picking a perfume for your wife and a cologne for your hubby. Try out different samples, and see if you can get the free gift
  5. Go to Victoria’s Secret, or your favorite department or discount store to shop for new lingerie.
  6. Give your spouse a full body massage, without any pre-conditions
  7. Get creative and suggest different adventures once a month in the bedroom or outdoors.
  8. Tell her she looks amazing, tell him he looks extra handsome.
  9. ¬†Rotate and change your sleepwear (with something sexy) so that you’re the exciting spouse who is always adding some spark.
  10. Go on a library or bookstore date, and browse the shelf’s to either buy or borrow books. Flirt with each other between the shelf’s.

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