37 Ways to Date Your Spouse

37 Ways to Date Your Spouse

Just because you are married does not mean that married life has to be boring. As with any relationship you have to put energy into it, otherwise all the daily chores of life take over. The most important decision you will ever make is who you marry, the most important investment you make will be that in your spouse. Here are 37 fun, affordable date night ideas for husbands and wives.

Photo  by Azlan DuPree available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

Photo by Azlan DuPree available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

  1. Play your favorite board game
  2. Cook a meal together
  3. Take bike ride or hike together
  4. Go on a picnic
  5. Pray with your spouse, pray for them.
  6. Write a poem for each other and read it to them
  7. Have a pillow fight or play wrestle (guys you have to be gentle)
  8. Work on a scrapbook together to capture memories
  9. Plan a vacation together (the joy is in the planning)
  10. Flirt with your spouse eg in a restaurant or coffee shop
  11. Visit the farmers market together
  12. Play Frisbee in the park or mini-golf
  13. Look through old photo albums and other memorabilia to recount good memories
  14. Go for a date to Costco and taste the free samples
  15. Water the garden or wash the car, any excuse to get the hose out and have a water fight.
  16. Watch the stars at night by lying together in the backyard and name a star after your spouse.
  17. Play in the snow, rain or leaves.
  18. Park your car in the garage and bring your laptop and LCD projector to simulate a Drive-in movie.
  19. Play hide and seek in the house with the lights out and a flashlight.
  20. Use old photos to make an online or hardcopy photo montage
  21. Create a scavenger hunt for your spouse
  22. Attend a local festival (film, home, flower, garlic…)
  23. Take a test-drive with your spouse in his or her dream car.
  24. Drive to a location where you can see the horizon and the sun setting
  25. Give your spouse a full body massage without expecting anything in return
  26. Find small reasons to give gifts on an ongoing basis and when least expected
  27. If your spouse is ok with surprises book a dream vacation
  28. Write hand-written love notes on Post It’s or on a nice quality paper
  29. Give a gift of a free Spa visit
  30. Call, text, record a video from work or from a business trip and tell your wife how much you love her.
  31. Take a walk together and just shoot the breeze
  32. Tell her or him all the things you appreciate about them
  33. Go to the park and play on the slide, swings just like the old days.
  34. Play footsie under the dinner table or at a restaurant
  35. Sing to your wife, dance with her in the privacy of your home or hotel or…
  36. Blindfold your spouse and kiss their erogenous zones
  37. With a sincere look in their eyes magnify their look and love for you.


6 Steps to Achieve Alicia Keys’ No Makeup Look for Your Big Day

6 Steps to Achieve Alicia Keys’ No Makeup Look for Your Big Day

Alicia Keys has received a lot of attention going makeup free, something she said “makes her feel empowered.” Here at Perfect Muslim Wedding, we thought it would be a great opportunity to look at bridal makeup.


In American culture it’s always an unsaid rule that guests should compliment the bride on how beautiful she looks. Although some makeup, properly applied, can enhance your features, many Muslim brides or bridesmaids may go a little overboard with makeup.

If you are a strong believer in makeup we are not here to change your mind.  We’re simply giving you tips on how to achieve the natural, no makeup look for your big day. Allowing you to feel fresh and healthy for your wedding day.

You don’t necessarily need to go completely bare-faced. Either way, you should follow the steps below to achieve a radiant, fresh face.

Here are 6 steps to take to look naturally beautiful without makeup:

  1. Exfoliate at least once a week, to remove dead skin cells, including your lips. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen regularly.
  2. Follow the 8 by 8 Rule of 8 glasses of water and 8 hours of sleep.
  3. Eat healthy organic and wholesome foods. Our bodies are containers of both the physical and spiritual. What we consume in food and thoughts affects our natural makeup.
  4. Being Muslim you will probably do this anyway when you make wudu, but wash your face regularly.
  5. Love yourself and love your family and friends. How you feel inside reflects your confidence and poise outside. If you are stressed, it will show.
  6. Smile and make duaa. It’s sunnah and it will make you look naturally beautiful. Be sure to make this duaa: “O Allah, just as You have made my external features beautiful, make my character beautiful as well.”

Just to reiterate, we are not taking a position on makeup. You can chose to wear a lot of it, wear it lightly or go makeup free. Any way you choose it’s important to focus on feeling good about yourself. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so stay true to yourself. Don’t feel bound by any particular trend or look. Do what makes you feel beautiful for your big day. We’re here to tell you your natural look is your best look, always remember that. Congratulations on your marriage!


Rio Olympics 2016, Muslims and 10 Life Lessons

Rio Olympics 2016, Muslims and 10 Life Lessons

As the 2016 Rio Olympics come to a close we wanted to share some highlights from the event. More importantly to grasp a few takeaways which extend beyond the games to marriage and more importantly, life.

Photo by Al King available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

Photo by Al King available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

First a few thoughts about the Olympics from a Muslim Perspective. There’s a lot going in the Muslim world and here in the US homeland. Despite the heartbreaking news and images coming from Syria and the region, the Olympics had a few bright spots to kick it off. One of the first, was that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had for the first time ever allowed refugees to come together as a team and participate. In that small delegation was a Yusra Mardini, a Syrian refugee who along with her sister saved the lives of 20 people on a small dinghy boat in the Mediterranean. Yusra went on to wins her 100m butterfly heat at Rio. Then there is all the positive press that Ibtihaj Muhammad received before and during the event for becoming the first American-Muslim to represent the US in a hijab. She went on to win a team Bronze medal.

Here is a summary of the medal count by Muslim Majority countries as well as those Olympians we know off that are Muslim.

Rio Olympic Medal Muslim chart


They represent countries like the UK, US and Russia, with the likes of Mo Farah, Dalilah Muhammad, Ibtihaj Muhammad, and Aliya Mustafina. We may have missed some people, but hopefully you get the picture.
Some Muslim countries especially from the former Central Soviet states did extremely well. Others like Pakistan with a population of over 180 Million people, failed to qualify for a single event, and had a token representation through a wild card entry.

So much for medals, how do the events of Rio, map to life and what are some of the lessons we can apply.

1. Olympians are Goal oriented and committed. Name any of the legends of Rio, Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, Usain Bolt, in them all you will see not only great performances but people who are serious about what they want to accomplish and what they are willing to do to get it. Practicing 300 days a year is one such example.
2. Olympians have Faith. Again if you listen to the interviews of both Muslim athletes and people of other faiths, praying and trusting in God played a central role in their success.
3. True Olympians care about their reputation. Yes there were some athletes and delegations who discredited themselves and their host countries, but by in large, what happens off-stage is just as important as what goes on-stage.
4. True Olympians are the best physically, mentally, both scientist and artists. All athletes have great physiques, but it is their mental toughness, focus, and artistry that makes them stand head and shoulders above the rest.
5. True Olympians focus on being the best version of themselves. The only thing they can control is themselves, the competition will always be there. They have dreams but they focus on the present, and tune out the past.
6. True Olympians are part of great teams and coaches. Even in solo events, it is rare that an athlete got to their peak performance without the help of coaches and other team members.
7. True Olympians care about the competition. It is not always about winning medals. In the Rio Olympics a collision on the track occurred between U.S. runner Abbey D’Agostino and New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin. Both athletes showed compassion and the best that humanity has to offer by helping each other.
8. True Olympians get up if they fall down and keep going. This is what happened to Mo Farah, who fell, got back up, caught up with the leaders and still went on to win the Gold Medal.
9. True Olympians come in all shapes. Just as there is no one model of an Olympian so is the case for Muslims. Of the women some wore hijabs and some did not, some men had beards and others did not, some prostrated after their wins and others did not. Accepting people for who they are is more important than trying to impose our versions of right and wrong.
10. True Olympians ignore the naysayers. The overall pre-event press coverage about the Rio Olympics was fairly negative, with issues, of pollution (health), crime, Zika, political instability,readiness and more dominating the headlines. Yet by in large, the Olympics relatively speaking went off without any major showstoppers.

In marriage as in life, having common goals, commitment, faith, reputation, focus, being part of a team, seeking help from a coach, ignoring the naysayers, and being selfless are all examples of how we too can be Olympians of life.