How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Planner

The big question is “Should I or shouldn’t I hire a wedding planner?” We cannot give you a simplistic answer, but can help guide you make your decision. Your budget, timeline and personality will play…

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33 Steps to Love and Romance in Islam (Part 2)

Continued. Notes based on a workshop by Shaikh AbdulRahman Murphy. There are 4 types of maturity: Financial, Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional. For most people they are lacking 2 of the 4. Emotional maturity is very important….

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Perfectly Simple Muslim Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is no small task. The good news is people have been doing it for eons and will continue doing so. Although we talk about the “Perfect Muslim Wedding” that doesn’t mean they…

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Who Pays for What in a Wedding?

In Muslim cultures there are two very different cultural traditions of who pays for what. In Desi (Indian sub-continent culture) it is the bride’s side who pays for most of the wedding. In other cultures e.g….

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