2015 at Perfect Muslim Wedding

2015 at Perfect Muslim Wedding

Perfect Muslim Wedding had an awesome 2015. From the birth of our wedding blog in 2013 until now, we have really come a long way. We hope to continue to provide tips, advice, and inspiration to help you plan one of the best days of your life. This year, we had our very first Muslim Bridal Expo which really brings our inspiration to you to life. Here are a few select accomplishments including the Muslim Bridal Expo.


Thank you for your participation and support in 2015.

Here in pictures are a few of our accomplishments at Perfect Muslim Wedding.

  1. Quality content and real weddings published on our blog and social media ( with over 100,000 impressions per month). Check out our videos too.
  2. Quarterly eZines and our totally revamped PMW Planning Guide
  3. Our first ever Muslim Bridal Expo with over 300 attendees and a 3 full page color coverage by the SF Chronicle.
Thank you to all our supporters, sponsors and vendors. Thank you also to our teams that make it all happen behind the scenes including:

  1. Blog team (Marwa Diaf, Editor)
  2. Event team (Irfan Rydhan, Farah Ghatala, Zareena Anwar, Kisae Husain, Manizeh Raza)
  3. Advisers (Dustin Haisler, Becky Roth, Razi Mohiuddin, Shiraz Asif) and IT Guru (Ahmed Khatib)

#1 and #2 in Photo collage on top.

2015 was a great success and we hope next year is even better. We really believe it’s important to have a wedding resource for Muslims. It can be quite challenging when you’re planning your wedding alone when you’re trying to find things like halal meat, and all female staff. If you have any suggestions at all for future posts, events or giveaways please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail. We want to make this an enjoyable blog for everyone.

We appreciate each and every one of you for your support. A single click on any of our posts mean the world to us. Thank you!

Muslim Bridal Expo FAQs

Muslim Bridal Expo FAQs

Our first Muslim Bridal Expo was held on Sunday, September 20th at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Newark-Fremont, and we’re pleased to say it was a success. We have been receiving questions regarding the event and decided to put Muslim Bridal Expo FAQs together to address your questions.

Photo by Ray Craiig

Photo by Ray Craiig

How many people attended?

Over 600 People RSVP’d. Although some people registered many walked in as groups. Our estimate is around 300 people.

How many vendors and sponsors participated?

Thirty Two (32).

Which cultural themes were represented in the fashion show?

African, African-American, American, Middle-Eastern, and South-Asian.

Muslim Bridal Expo

Photo by Tanmoy Photography

Why do a show like this?

Islam and Muslims are in the news daily and much of the coverage is negative. We want to counter the negativity and reflect some of the beauty that Muslims from their diverse cultures bring to humanity.

What is the difference between Islamic Fashion and Muslim Fashion?

The founder Javed Mohammed defines it as follows, although it is open to interpretation.

“Islamic Fashion is a dress and art form that conforms to Islamic laws, customs and values.” Whereas, ‘Muslim Fashion is a dress and art form by or about Muslims.” The Muslim Bridal Expo is a multi-cultural event that reflects Muslim Fashion.

What does success mean in the Muslim Bridal Expo?

It is very personal. To the PMW team, it is having a good presence of vendors, audience, and team work that leaves people with a great vibe.

When and where will the next Muslim Bridal Expo take place?

We are in the process of doing a survey along with getting other feedback from the 2015 Muslim Bridal Expo. Based on this we will plan the next event and announce it.

Photo by Studio Hope

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