Top 40 Pieces of Advice for a Long and Healthy Marriage (Part 1)

There is no such thing as the perfect marriage, like there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. However, there are things we can do to have a happy and healthy marriage. For easy reading, we decided to break our top 40 pieces of advice up into 4 parts. Here are the first 10:

1. God, spouse, children…in that order.
2. Marriage isn’t 50/50, but divorce is.
3. Marriage has to be 100/100.
4. Avoid the 3 C’s. Never complain, criticize, and/or condemn.
5. Avoid the D word: Divorce.
6. Learn from others, but don’t compare.
7. Make your spouse look good in front of their family and friends.
8. When you get into a conflict, stop, evaluate and use wisdom. Ask yourself what the end result is that you want. You have a choice be right or be happy.
9. If there is an inkling you were at fault, apologize.
10. Forgive unconditionally.

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