Real Wedding: MuhammadQasim and Samaah

This real wedding story is really about the most common way we're introduced to our future spouse: through family friends. That was very much true for MuhammadQasim and Samaah. Whose parents knew each other before they were both born. "We have actually known each...

3 Ways to Word Your Wedding Invitation

There isn't a "right" way of wording your invitation. You may need to look at an invitation you received to a friend's wedding and kind of put your own spin on it. There are many ways to word an invitation. We're going to provide just a few examples, please feel free...

How to Plan a Wedding Party at Home

We may think that everyone wants the same thing: A Big. Fat. Wedding, but that's not necessarily true. Some of us like smaller intimate gatherings and that's totally fine. Others may just not have the funds for an elaborate wedding and that's totally fine too. After...

19 Fun Muslim Wedding Photo Ideas

We've all seen the common wedding photos, so we wanted to bring you something different. Here are some creative Muslim wedding photo ideas that you have to try. A special thanks to all of our photographers. Enjoy! 1. Play Peek-a-boo. 2. Come on everybody, party time!...

10 Tips to Plan Your Ramadan Wedding

Ramadan Mubarak! A blessed month is once again upon us. Although weddings in Ramadan are not common there is nothing in Islam that forbids getting married during this time.  In fact, you can pretty much get married on any day of the year unless it is forbidden in the...

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