30 ways to Ignite a Spark and Passion in Your Marriage

Even in the best of marriages, the relationship ebbs and flows. In order to keep marriage and intimacy alive, here are some ideas that can provide fuel to a continued hot and passionate relationship.

  1. Remember your story (of how you met)
  2. Create memories by retelling, reminding, events you want to preserve
  3. Create anticipation to sex throughout the day
  4. Be willing to give and receive pleasure
  5. Make everyday an appreciation of your spouse day
  6. See your spouse thorough the eyes of another
  7. Dress up just for your spouse
  8. Give gifts unconditionally
  9. Give each other space
  10. Practice cleanliness, through self-care and hygiene
  11. Identify what makes you feel sexy and recreate that scene for your spouse
  12. Life’s greatest pleasures are in the small things. It could be a touch, a kiss, a massage, a hug, a nose rub, eye contact, a shower together
  13. Remember the only “normal” is what works for both of you, not sex statistics of the nation.
  14. Enjoy kissing/teasing without pressure of sex
  15. Make it a shared experience
  16. Create a fantasy box, where you write and share your fantasies, and take it turns in gifting one per week or month. (Remember fantasies should not break moral laws. Fiction is a story that could be true but isn’t. Fantasy is something that can’t be true, period).
  17. Learn some great one-liners from movies and try them out with your spouse.
  18. Try out a foreign accent that sounds sexy, eg Italian or ,… or use Google Translate to learn key phrases in another language and impress your spouse.
  19. Share a Secret Code for sex
  20. Turn dinner into a dining experience. The food is only part of the story, the rest is the mood you create.
  21. Write out a sexy check, that your spouse can cash anytime
  22. Read a seductive scene from a romance novel
  23. Map out hot spots in your city or region where the two of you can flirt
  24. Get a present and encase it ever increasing larger boxes and go outside press the bell and surprise your spouse with the mail
  25. Create your own romantic stories starting with a known introductory line and take it wherever it goes
  26. Make your spouse go on a treasure hunt with clues written on PostIts
  27. Complement each other when with friends or in public
  28. Pick up a hobby together
  29. Serve each other
  30. Pray for each other

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