23 Questions to ask your Spouse and Build Intimacy

In any relationship including marriage it is easy to fall into routines. For example for most couples at the end of the day the conversation goes something like, "Hi Honey how was your day?" Answer "okay". Even though each day in our lives may be ordinary, boring, or  very similar, we have to find ...

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5 Love Languages GiTTSoW and Islam

Just last Friday at the Jumah sermon the Khatib spoke about the importance of spirituality. He spoke about the importance of connecting with God. The fact that we have to all do a baseline minimum of praying, fasting, charity etc. He said beyond the baseline we all excel in different areas, for some ...

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10 Secrets to Cut Wedding Costs Without Looking Cheap

The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $35,329 according to The Knot, and that btw does not include the honeymoon. Of course this is an average, and if you live in small town USA, your cost will probably be a lot less, and if you are in Manhattan or Silicon Valley it will be even more. ...

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