The Ultimate Honeymoon Kit

We know how hard it is to remember what to bring on your honeymoon trip; which is why we put this ultimate honeymoon kit together to help you. You may not need all of these items so be sure to edit it as you see fit.

Honeymoon Kit Photo by Thomas Martinsen courtesy of Unsplash

Dental floss/toothpicks
Shampoo and Conditioner
Body Wash/Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Birth Control/Condoms
Hair Brush/Comb
Disposable razors
Feminine Products
Small disposable ziploc bags
Mini sewing kit
Makeup basics
Pony tail holders, bobby pins, headbands

First Aid Kit:
Allergy medication
Motion sickness medication
Tylenol & Ibuprofen
Anti-diarrheal medicine
Triple antibiotic ointment
Lip Balm
Sunscreen, Aftersun/aloe vera
Bug Spray (depending on location)

Maxi Dresses
Ankle length skirt
Wide brim hat
Lightweight Hijabs
Underwear, bras
Yoga pants
Swimsuits, Burkini, swimsuit cover up
Raincoat/poncho (depending on weather)

Converter for destination country

Romantic Kit:
A mix CD of your favorite love songs or playlist on your phone
Non-alcoholic Cider (eg Martinelli’s)
Whipped Cream
Bubble Bath

Did we forget something in our honeymoon kit? Let us know in the comments below!

Honeymoon Checklist and Timeline

There is already an added stress when traveling whether it’s domestic or international. Now, add in the pressures of the perfect honeymoon and you may be a little extra stressed. Not to worry, we decided to create this handy honeymoon checklist and timeline. You can easily print this and keep it with you or hang it on your refrigerator, that way you can check off everything as you complete it.

honeymoon checklist
Photo by HENG FU MING available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

8-12 months prior:
Discuss locations
Discuss budget & time
Research travel-warnings
Apply for or renew passport

3-6 months prior:
Book airline reservations, hotel, car rental or cruise
Consider travel insurance for health, weather conditions and property
Research destination for vaccinations
Research any medical precautions you need to take
Explore halal food options and/or any other dietary restrictions
Check luggage allowances
Research travel visas

2-3 months prior:
Apply for a visa
Buy luggage
Get PMW’s Honeymoon Kit ready
Get vaccinations and/or any prescriptions

1 month prior:
Confirm travel, seat assignments, and special meals
Research and buy any adapters or voltage converters
Check bank accounts and credit cards for sufficient funds
Prepare and plan any romantic gestures
Take cash in US Dollars as well as local money ($100-$300)
Ask family/friend/neighbor to check your mail, bring in your paper, watch your house, water plants, take out trash, etc. or register at the post office and newspaper to stop delivery
Pay bills or set up automatic payment
Purchase prescriptions and toiletries
Research with your bank to check ATM fees and or credit card transaction fees
Explore cell phone options that give you the best fees or package
If required, apply for an international driver’s license

3-5 days prior:
Start packing
Make copies of itinerary, travel documents, credit cards, list of valuables, house key and share with family and/or friends
Confirm travel reservations and print flight schedules, hotel and other itinerary
Check weather reports for destination
Pack last minute medications and toiletries
Grab some great reading material
Set up voicemail and “out of office” auto-reply for email accounts
Label your luggage inside and outside in case your bag is lost.
Make sure phones/cameras are charged, and bring extra memory cards
Share or throw out refrigerated food and trash the day before you leave

Day of departure:
Set thermostat and light timers in your house
Double-check you have passport, driver’s license, and cash
Allow time for check in and security (1 hour domestic, 2 hour international plus margin)
Make a travel prayer
Enjoy your honeymoon! Please let us know if we have missed anything. We want to make sure everyone has a stress-free and beautiful honeymoon inshAllah.

How to Continue Wedding Planning During Ramadan

Ramadan consists of long days and short nights. Which gives you plenty of time in the day to plan, plan, plan. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds without food or water throughout the day. We’re here to tell you that no, you don’t have to put your plans on hold. There is always a way. Just like we all continue going to work and school, you can continue your wedding plans. Here are some tips:

1. Have a healthy suhoor/sehri. This will give you strength throughout the day, and remember to drink plenty of water (but don’t over do it).

2. Schedule your appointments early in the day. You want to make sure you’re up early enough to beat the afternoon heat. This way you’ll be able to get home right in time for dhur prayer. (Note: if you need to do any tastings ask the vendor to prepare you a to-go plate whether it’s the cake or dinner. This way you’ll be able to test them out at iftaar time. This should only be done if you’re running out of time with your wedding plans.)

3. Take a nap after dhur prayer and wake up for asr. You will feel refreshed, and energized. Pray asr and this will give you time to do some online research for vendors right before you need to begin preparing dinner.

4. Remember not to over-eat at iftaar as this will affect the amount of energy you have going into the next day.

It’s all about being prepared. Remember to eat healthy and wake up early to avoid putting too much stress on your body. InshAllah you’ll receive many blessings planning your wedding during this holy month. Remember be calm, don’t stress, and always put your trust in Allah (swt).

Men to the Left, Women to the Right

Planning a wedding is not a breeze, but planning a Muslim wedding…no scratch that, its not any easier. Many Muslim weddings are separated by gender, the couple will usually rent out 2 separate halls, 1 for the women and 1 for the men. Why you ask? First, many Muslims believe genders should not mix in any way. Secondly, there are Muslim women who wear the headscarf, known as the hijab. Women who wear the hijab are allowed to reveal their hair in front of other women and males who are related to them. Having separate halls allows for women to dress up and let their hair down for an evening. As the couple, you now have to worry about two spaces. And really, why should the women have all the fun?

Perfect Muslim Wedding and Ayesha Khan Photography 48
By kind permission of Ayesha Khan Photography

Most men do not care for over-the-top decor, so keep it simple. They can do without the colorful lighting and strands of roses. You really want to focus your energy on one thing for men: the food.

My husband always wanted to serve hot wings at our wedding (on the men’s side of course), red wing sauce and a snazzy suit? Not such a good idea. Looking back, maybe we should have had those wings – or better yet, a buffet.

By kind permission of Mary Laine Photography

A buffet, now that will really appeal to the men’s side. Women see a well-decorated space as a great wedding, but men, all they really have to look forward to is the food. So make sure it is perfection. A few hotels now offer “zabiha” options in their meal packages, so explore different venues before deciding.

Candy bar on the women’s side? Create one for the men too. This is was one of the easiest and cost friendly forms of entertainment. Yes, food is entertainment.

Now for the cake, instead of having one cake on the “women’s side” and having to worry about getting it cut for both spaces. Order a groom’s cake, and make it a little fun. Something that speaks to his interests.

Remember if your events are separated, ask for gender-appropriate staff for each hall. You want to avoid making any of your guests feel uncomfortable.

Perfect Muslim Wedding and AAroneye Photography 3
By kind permission of Aaron Eye Photography

These are just suggestions. Remember, every couple is different, you just need to tailor your reception to meet your particular needs and wants.

8 DIY Ideas for Your Wedding Day

There are many details to pay attention to when planning a wedding.  As we all know, these little details add up, quick. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could handle most of these little details yourself at an affordable price? Here are a few DIY ideas:

1. Table overlay

Your best bet is to check out “Flea” Markets or the Swap Meet for rolls of fabric that you can measure and cut.  For mine, I purchased an entire roll of lace fabric in which my mother and I measured and cut for each table. Overlay can be viewed below.

2012-08-31 23.13.00

2. Gift Card Holder

There are many ideas from your typical “box” to something as unique as a bird cage (can be found at Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods).  The one pictured was from my wedding.  Purchased at Ross, with a simple lace ribbon attached to a hand-written card.  If the color doesn’t go with your theme, you can easily purchase spray paint.

2012-08-31 23.09.42

3. Menu Cards

All you need is pretty paper (think stationary-style) and a printer.

4. Reserved Signs

All you need is a pretty frame, paper, and a printer.  This frame was purchased at Home Goods.  You can then use it for your wedding photo to decorate your home.

2012-08-31 23.10.39

5. Centerpieces

If you’re not into going above and beyond – purchase or rent vases and fill them with lemons or purchase flowers the same day from your local grocery store.

6. Candy Bar

Purchase vases and holders from Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Target/Wal-Mart/Home Goods and purchase candy in bulk.

2012-08-31 23.10.21

7. Photobooth

All you need is a cloth backdrop and props, your guests will love it.

8. Flower Girl “Baskets”

Get creative! Don’t settle for the usual basket, try something like this instead.  Found at Michael’s in the gardening section.

2012-08-31 23.09.33


Marwa Diaf


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