5 Methods to Get Your Vision Across to Vendors

We all know how hard it can be to describe your vision to someone who needs to make it happen. However, there are ways around it. The best route to take is to have plenty of pictures to show your vendors. This will leave no room for: “You didn’t say that,” or “Oh … that shade of pink.” Here are ways to find the right photos and the best way to explain it to your vendors.


1. Pinterest will be your best friend throughout this entire planning process. It allows you to create boards for every detail of your wedding, and even has the links to where you could possibly get certain items from. You can also get your eyes on some more photos too. The best thing to do is to e-mail links of the boards to the coinciding vendor.

2. Save photos and e-mail them as an attachment to the right vendor.

3. Print the photos found online and bring them to your vendor meeting.

4. Create a “life-size” inspiration board. Purchase various wedding magazines and start clipping away to arrange your inspiration board/wedding collage. Bring this to each vendor meeting. It is the perfect visual as it has everything pertaining to the wedding on one board.

5. Do you have a specific color palette in mind? Do you have items or cloth in that particular color? Bring it along with you. Without photos or any type of visual it will be hard to communicate what light pink really means in your mind.

If you’re a newlywed and have anything to add please comment below!

How to Plan a Wedding Party at Home

We may think that everyone wants the same thing: A Big. Fat. Wedding, but that’s not necessarily true. Some of us like smaller intimate gatherings and that’s totally fine. Others may just not have the funds for an elaborate wedding and that’s totally fine too. After all, Islam is all about moderation. You can still make your space elegant and beautiful without the big hotel ballroom.

First step is to decide how many people you would like to invite. This will help you decide whether to host it at the bride’s house, the groom’s or maybe a close friend or relative’s.

Now decide on the date, this will help you decide whether you’d like to do an outdoor daytime event, or indoor, among other details. Once you have the logistics squared away, be sure to come up with a budget. A budget will help you stay organized and eliminate stress later on.

Here are ideas from the bride and groom’s seating set-up to the food and everything in between.

Perfect Muslim Wedding Saleha and Sajid 7

The Bride and Groom’s Seating:

This is usually the focal point when it comes to a wedding, or wedding party. You want to make sure you have a beautiful set-up for the couple. This can be easily done. All you have to do is either rent a backdrop or create your own with PVC pipes and beautiful fabric, lights or candles. Once you have the backdrop you can add side tables with floral arrangements, which you can easily purchase the same day and arrange in a vase. We suggest checking Dollar Tree or the 99 Cent store for vases. Then you need of course chairs or a small love seat. You can either use something from home, borrow from a friend or relative, or rent. Because you’re not spending thousands renting a hall, you can use the funds towards renting little things here and there.


Guests’ Seating:

Now you need to either rent tables and chairs, or even check with your local mosque as they may let you borrow. It may be more cost effective to rent long tables (as they fit more people), but if you can splurge a little round tables are more appealing to the eye. This works best if the event is being held outside. If the event is inside, it all depends on how big the space is. If it’s on the small side, you can set up chairs around the room. It will work just fine.

Photo Jul 06, 4 11 16 PM


If you’re going to rent the tables, the centerpieces are really a piece of cake. You can purchase vases again from a dollar store, and simply purchase a couple of bouquets of flowers from the grocery store and assemble away! Not into flowers? You can fill the vases with water and have floating candles. Both are beautiful, elegant, and easy on everyone’s wallets. Candles can also be purchased at a dollar store.

Photo Jul 06, 6 18 06 PM

The Food:

The food can be difficult if you allow it to be. There are many options. Again, because you have saved tons of money by having the event at a house, you can splurge on the food. So go ahead and book your favorite caterer. If you’re hoping to cut even more costs, you can have people in the community help cook. If you have about 10 people each responsible for a dish, you’re all set! Now with the silverware and plates, you can either go plastic or rent, again all depending on your budget.



You may think the cake is difficult, but it’s really not, especially for a more intimate event. You can go to your local grocery/bakery and have them make a simple round cake, for the bride and groom to cut and order a couple dozen cupcakes, or a couple large sheet cakes for your guests. You can also accompany your cake with a small candy bar, everyone loves candy.



This is the time to really utilize talents of people in your community, family, or friends. Most of the time it’ll be a lot cheaper, or if they’re family, it’ll more than likely be “on the house” (no pun intended). Depending on what your budget allows, you can also hire professionals. They usually charge by the hour, so plan accordingly.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple, yet elegant wedding party at home. All you need is to be organized and utilize the talents of your family, friends, and community. We need to all remember that a wedding is a celebration of your love and start of a new life together. Don’t get lost in the big, fancy, elaborate wedding. A simple, intimate wedding is really all you need.


How to Continue Wedding Planning During Ramadan

Ramadan consists of long days and short nights. Which gives you plenty of time in the day to plan, plan, plan. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds without food or water throughout the day. We’re here to tell you that no, you don’t have to put your plans on hold. There is always a way. Just like we all continue going to work and school, you can continue your wedding plans. Here are some tips:

1. Have a healthy suhoor/sehri. This will give you strength throughout the day, and remember to drink plenty of water (but don’t over do it).

2. Schedule your appointments early in the day. You want to make sure you’re up early enough to beat the afternoon heat. This way you’ll be able to get home right in time for dhur prayer. (Note: if you need to do any tastings ask the vendor to prepare you a to-go plate whether it’s the cake or dinner. This way you’ll be able to test them out at iftaar time. This should only be done if you’re running out of time with your wedding plans.)

3. Take a nap after dhur prayer and wake up for asr. You will feel refreshed, and energized. Pray asr and this will give you time to do some online research for vendors right before you need to begin preparing dinner.

4. Remember not to over-eat at iftaar as this will affect the amount of energy you have going into the next day.

It’s all about being prepared. Remember to eat healthy and wake up early to avoid putting too much stress on your body. InshAllah you’ll receive many blessings planning your wedding during this holy month. Remember be calm, don’t stress, and always put your trust in Allah (swt).

19 Fun Muslim Wedding Photo Ideas

We’ve all seen the common wedding photos, so we wanted to bring you something different. Here are some creative Muslim wedding photo ideas that you have to try. A special thanks to all of our photographers. Enjoy!

wedding photo
Photo by Azlan DuPree  available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

1. Play Peek-a-boo.

wedding photo
Photo by S Pakhrin available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

2. Come on everybody, party time!

wedding photo
Photo by Kurt Collins available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

3. Look ma, I can ride a horse!

wedding photo
Courtesy of AH Portrait Photography

4. We made it and we have the classy car to prove it.

wedding photo
Courtesy of Ayesha Khan Photography

5. Snap a photo while you can!

wedding photo
Courtesy of Ayesha Khan Photography

6. Check out my vibrant bangles!

wedding photo
Courtesy of Oxygen Photo Solutions

7. The aerial shot of the bride with her lehnga spread out around her.

wedding photo
Courtesy of Nadia D. Photography


8. Waiting for prince charming.

wedding photo
Courtesy of Nadia D. Photography

9. Follow the pink floral road.

wedding photo
Courtesy of Noor al-mosawi

10. Matchy-matchy!

wedding photo
Courtesy of Oxygen Photo Solutions

11. You’re mine now.

wedding photo
Courtesy of Oxygen Photo Solutions

12. Remind me again who’s the boss?

wedding photo
Courtesy of Raqeebah Zaman Photography

13. “We can use this photo in our thank you cards honey!”

wedding photo
Courtesy of Waqas Z Photography

14. The gorgeous mirror photo.

wedding photo
Courtesy of Twende Harusini

15. Got Milk?

wedding photo
Courtesy of Waqas Z Photography

16. Who said we don’t know how to have fun?

wedding photo
Courtesy of Xyra’s Photography

17. See, we can spell too!

wedding photo
Courtesy of Maha Designs

18. Where’s the cake knife?

wedding photo
Courtesy of Marcella Treybig Photography

19. It speaks for it self, saying goodbye is hard.

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