10 Life Skills to Master Before and During Marriage

Although life is an ongoing education, there are some skills if we master, we can benefit from both before and during the marriage.  We are not advocating you need to have all these down before marriage, as we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

However, just being aware of them and for them to be a work-in-progress is all that counts. This is the difference between a marriage that struggles and one that flourishes

Here are the 10 life skills to master:

1. Learn, live and lead a healthy life

a) Your diet: eating nutritious, wholesome food

b) Your sleep: practicing good sleep hygiene

c) Your body: treating your body with respect and giving it exercise

d) Your spirit/ruh: Spirituality combined with faith

e) Avoiding risky behavior photo by new Frank van Leersum available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

2. Managing relationships

a) Identifying expectations

b) Managing inter-personal relationships

c) Knowing you, your family, those you interact with, and God.

d) Understanding human nature

e) Conflict resolution

3. Learn the art of effective communication

a) Starts with active attentive listening

b) Followed by the articulation

c) Learning what to say what not to say

d) When best to say it

e) The Best way to communicate with someone, direct, indirect, email.

4. Learn the art of decision making

a) Learning which decisions are more important than others

b) How to research (Online, talking to people,…)

c) Determining needs vs wants, important vs urgent

d) Process and criteria to decide

e) Doing Istikhara (asking God for guidance)Photo by Azlan DuPree available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

5. Mastering education

a) Understand that education is a life-long process

b) Know the benefits and harms of technology

c) Learn how to master the right technologies

6. Coping with life

a) Learning about how to deal with daily and life-changing challenges/problems

b) At school, work, with family, friends, adversaries

c) How to manage your internal dialogue

d) Knowing your values and how to use them to guide you

e) Managing stress

7. Art of thinking

a) How to do critical thinking

b) How to be creative

c) How to be self-aware

e) How to show empathy

8. Managing your finances

a) Learn how to become a wise consumer

b) Understand quality vs price

c) Creating a budget

d) When to save, when to spend, how much to spend
e) Understand the role of advertising and how it influences you

9. Goal-setting

a) Identifying short term and long term goals

b) Understanding that time is the greatest asset you have

c) Always using your energy at the right time to be the most productive

d) Knowing what to take on and what to say “no” to

10. Media and Community

a) Understand the psychology of how the media influences you

b) Not only what is being said but why and how

c) What isn’t being said is just as important as what is being said

d) What are you doing for the common good in your community?