10 Tips to Plan your Ramadan Wedding

Ramadan Mubarak, a blessed month is once again upon us. Although weddings in Ramadan are not common there is nothing in Islam Per say that forbids getting married. In fact, you can pretty much get married on any day of the year unless it is forbidden in the mazhab (school) that one follows.

The issues are more cultural and due to the practical challenges of conducting a wedding. When folks including the bride, groom, the hosts who are planning the wedding, and guests are fasting, they cannot be eating and drinking from dawn to dusk.

Along with that married couples have to refrain from intercourse during the same hours. For the new couple, if they feel they can control themselves and that this will not be an inconvenience, there is nothing wrong with getting married in Ramadan.

Incase you could not squeeze in a pre- Ramadan wedding and don’t want to wait for a post-Ramadan wedding here are ten tips to plan your Ramadan wedding.

  1. Have the Nikah just before Iftar.
  2. It’s a great way to get the wedding to start on time. Nothing beats having a hungry guest.
  3. You may need to accommodate traveling guests as they do not need to fast.
  4. Have the Nikah in the masjid, it will be blessed and can make the logistics easy.
  5. Serve dates and water (zum zum is even better) to open the fast.
  6. If you want to serve appetizer eg Pakoras, Samosa etc. you can.
  7. Pray the Maghrib Prayer and make sure there are arrangements for women too.
  8. Clean up before dinner.
  9. Have the reception at Iftar and rukhsati (farewell of the bride) later.
  10. It might be a good idea to hold the wedding towards the end of Ramadan, especially for the new couple, then they can go off on their honeymoon.

There you have it. Ramadan is a blessed month. Some people may want to take advantage of it and get married and for others, it may seem to be inconvenient. The choice is all yours.