13 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Perfect Muslim Wedding

Even though this site is called “Perfect Muslim Wedding,” it does not mean that everything in your wedding will go exactly as you planned. Stuff happens, you can count on it. However, that does not mean there are some common pitfalls that you can’t avoid.

Here are a few things to avoid. Remember, you know your own situation best. This list isn’t to discourage you, but rather prepare you for the common issues that may come up.

  1. It’s a wedding and everyone wants your attention. Make sure your guests and helpers feel included.
  2. It’s nice to let key family and friends share memories, but don’t make it an open mike. Even the best of friends and family can bring the energy down and make you want to shrivel back to the cocoon.
  3. Money matters should be discussed discretely both with your own family and your future spouse. Have the important discussions one-on-one, and set the stage with the other side, so that when you do meet, it is not embarrassing or awkward.
  4. Don’t play the “Lone Ranger.” Even he needed Tonto. A wedding requires a lot of coordination and help. You can’t do it alone. Play to family and friend’s strengths and divvy up the work.
  5. Given that everything may not go to plan, that does mean nothing should go to plan. Prioritize the most important things and work out the details. Rehearse, have alternate plans, and of course, pray for the best.
  6. Whether it be the wedding dress or shoes, looking good is important, but feeling good is even more important. You will be in the dress, suit, shoes for a while, and if you are not comfortable it will show through. Better to go with flats than heels of pain.
  7. For low priority accessories and items, it’s okay to buy online. For the critical items (ahem…wedding dress) it is best to deal with a physical entity person or shop. Allow enough time for snafus and delays so that you’re not pulling your hair out worrying if your dress will be ready in time.
  8. Avoid leaving for the honeymoon on the morning after the reception.  You will be spent and that is not a good state to be going on a honeymoon. Give yourselves at least a couple of days to recover and regroup.
  9. Assign tasks to different people so that one person isn’t overwhelmed with making all the decisions. An example is a person each for the decor, catering, MC, music, guest greeting, usher, etc.
  10. With Muslim weddings, it is difficult to even with RSVPs to know how many guests will show. Have a 10-15% margin for the catering and for the venue to have the flexibility to add tables.
  11. Whether you hire a professional photographer or ask Uncle Hakim to take the pictures, make sure you have gone over the must-have photos that you need. Have a backup too.
  12. Accidents happen. Some of the more obvious ones like coffee or other spills are a nightmare to deal with. Have basic rules e.g. no drinks in the bride quarters.
  13. Don’t leave helpers and guests guessing about the itinerary. Create a schedule, share it, and try to stick to it.