17 Things you Should Never Say to Your Muslim In-Laws

Almost every relationship involving in-laws is a sensitive one. Some things you can say to your own family, you probably should not say to your in-laws. Below are some things you probably shouldn’t say to your Muslim in-laws that may apply to you, your spouse, your children, their children, etc.

  1. We won’t be able to make it, as we’re spending it with our family.
  2. My parents never did that (or would never do that).
  3. Could you talk to your son/daughter for me?
  4. My husband/wife doesn’t like it that way.
  5. Does this have a gift receipt?
  6. Wow, you look tired.
  7. Thanks for making dinner but I don’t eat that.
  8. He/she may not be perfect but he/she’s all mine.
  9. You’re welcome to come over any time, just give me a heads-up.
  10. Thanks, but I don’t need your help/advice/opinion.
  11. You did your part, now let me handle him/her.
  12. Do you need some help cleaning your house?
  13. Thanks for sharing but when I need your advice, I’ll ask for it.
  14. Times have changed we parent this way, not the way you did.
  15. These are my children, not yours.
  16. Raising kids is different now.
  17. Can you babysit our kids when we go out?

We are sure once you add in cultural sensitivities there are many more don’ts. The key thing is to treat your in-laws with the same respect you would like your own parents to be treated.