19 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Even when you are married and or have kids, it is great to have do activities to reinforce your marriage. Here are some date night ideas to get the communication and passion going.

date night ideas
Photo by Moyan Brenn available under a Creative Commons Attribution License
  1. Take a walk around the block or on nature trail.
  2. Go grocery shopping to Costco at lunch time and try out the free samples
  3. Take a drive or public transport and hang out in the city
  4. Take turns and give each other massages.
  5. Visit a museum or comedy show or go to the beach if it is not too far
  6. Go to the park, take a walk around a lake or reservoir
  7. Take a class together (cooking, photography, pottery, or other arts) and act like teenagers
  8. Get a movie from the library or if you have Netflix or other streaming watch it on the sofa and pop some popcorn
  9. Go to a yoga or zumba or an aerobics class together
  10. Visit the library or a bookstore
  11. One spouse give the other VIP treatment with breakfast in bed or make lunch or dinner or do it together
  12. Check out your local farmers market and give your spouse a purse full of small bills and change
  13. Go to the flea market and bargain away
  14. Go to the theater and check out a play or see a concert or a drive in-movie
  15. Visit a botanical gardens or just admire the gardens of a nice neighborhood
  16. Play board games and change the rules
  17. Visit your favorite bakery
  18. Take a scenic drive
  19. Volunteer at a foodbank or other cause you both believe in

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