20 Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom

We’ve all heard about Feng Shui. However, did you know you can use it to improve not only the energy (chi) of your home and bedroom, but also to improve the flow of  sensual energy? Feng Shui complements Tantra. Here are some tips including everything from the type of colors, furnishings, and overall ways to impact your senses. An improvement in the energy of your home and bedroom, will surely improve your relationship.

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The Tips:

  1. Get a comfortable bed. You don’t want your mattress to be too soft but firm enough to support your and your spouse’s body weight.
  2. Get a bed that is low and closer to earth (the ground). Slatted beds usually provide good support and tend to be lower.
  3. Keep your bedroom including under your bed clean and tidy. Vacuum it regularly to keep free of dust and change the bed-sheets and pillow cases every month.
  4. Position the bed away from the door, the headboard should not be under a window, and if you are Muslim the feet should not face Mecca.
  5. Get furnishings with soft edges, so nothing is sharp or can be harmful (you don’t want to accidentally stub your feet for example). The key idea is to avoid linearity and straight lines. You want to have a yin and yang presence of linear masculine and curvy feminine.
  6. Feng Shui is all about symmetry. For example if you have pillows or a night stands etc they should all be in pairs
  7. Avoid pictures or living things including family members, animals etc. as well as lonely, or desolate imagery in the bedroom
  8. Place real living plants on the dresser or night stands as they add ambiance and of course chi. If they are flowering or just sensual like orchids even better.
  9. Put a red object on the females nightstand and a blue one on the males, this heightens libido. Use earth-toned colors to bring calm to the room.
  10. Depending on if you have children either have a shelf of Tantric or sex educational books or put them discreetly in a closet.
  11. Add a canopy above your bed or if not fabric netting as it provides you both an intimate space
  12. Avoid all clutter. No business or TV or exercise machines etc
  13. Red, purple, pink are romantic colors. Your whole room can be subtle.
  14. Add nice scents and fragrances by placing incense or scented candles as they create sensual ambiance and are a powerful aphrodisiac. Find out what your spouse likes and dislikes (to avoid the latter) and incorporate fragrance of essential oils like Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose or citrus-based scents and others that will increase sensual chi
  15. Create a playlist of sensual music and play it off either a Smartphone or other device.
  16. Get high thread count soft Egyptian cotton sheets, preferably colored. Place some throw pillows to compliment your sleeping pillows.
  17. If your home is small and you do not have the luxury of keeping technology or other items like exercise equipment out, try to separate you work-space from your love-space with say a Japanese partition or beaded curtain. This way while you are in bed you have visual privacy.
  18. Keep your bathroom clean. Empty out the trash can regularly and clean the bath/shower, toilet and vanity sparkly clean.
  19. Use mirrors. A large full length mirror than can bring beneficial energy to specific areas of your bedroom.
  20. Go through your closet periodically and give to charity clothes you have not worn say for three to six months, definitely a year.



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