20 Muslim Wedding Gift Ideas

It’s becoming increasingly common to simply gift the bride and groom a gift card or cash. However, the art of purchasing an actual gift isn’t lost, just yet. Some couples will have a registry at their favorite store. There are instances when they don’t.

So, we decided to put together the ultimate Muslim wedding gift guide. These will include items that a couple needs in their first home together. We hope this benefits you.

Muslim Wedding Gift Guide:

1. Quran

This would make such a beautiful gift. Not only increasing good deeds for the couple, but for you as well. There are so many fabrics and colors. So be sure to get the couple a nice quality set of Qurans.

2. Prayer Rugs

Make sure to buy beautiful, quality rugs for the new couple. These are great because they can also take them along on their honeymoon.

3. KitchenAid Mixer

Consider this many gifts in one. The options with a KitchenAid Mixer are truly endless. The perfect gift for a new couple in a new home.

4. Espresso Machine

If you know the couple loves their espresso. This by far is the best in-home espresso machine. Our editor, Marwa, has one in her home and absolutely loves it. They (and their wallets) will thank you for years, and years to come.

5. Picture Frames

One of the best ideas for a wedding gift. The new couple will be receiving their photos shortly after the wedding. Make sure to get them something nice and durable. Another option is to get the couple a gift card to Minted. Minted offers framed custom photo art.

6. Luxury Robes

A nice set of luxury robes is every newlywed couple’s dream. Make sure it’s good quality to last them throughout their newlywed years.

7. Robot Vacuum

Give the lovely couple the gift of not vacuuming. This robot vacuum will keep their floors squeaky clean with no worries.

8. Personalized Cutting Board

Nothing beats personalizing a gift. This can also serve as a nice display in their kitchen or cheese board.

9. Turkish Bath Towel Set

You can’t go wrong with a nice spa-like set of Turkish bath towels. These are an absolute must for a newlywed couple in their new home.

10. Luxury Bedding

Give the gift of a nice, comfortable night’s sleep. Now that the wedding planning stress is over with, the couple deserves their sleep. They will love you for this.

11. Wall Art

This is the perfect opportunity to get them something they can decorate their home with. Make sure it’s something meaningful.

12. Cookware Set

Save them the trouble of having to go out and purchase this before cooking. Get them a nice, sturdy set to start off their lives together.

13. Tea Set

Because every household needs at least one complete tea set. Get them something beautiful that they can use for years and years to come.

14. Matching Luggage

They will absolutely need this right after the wedding. Although, yes, they may be packed for their honeymoon. However, getting them a matching unique set will make it that much easier to find at the airport.

15. Perfect Muslim Wedding Honeymoon Guide

Absolutely necessary as an add-on to a gift. They can take this with them on their honeymoon; read it on the plane and apply the advice right away.

16. Dinnerware Set

A complete dinnerware set is a must. All they realistically need is one set, so take care of it for them.

17. Activity or Airbnb gift card

Instead of your typical gift card, get them something different. Something like a hot air balloon ride, massages or a stay at a chic apartment would be amazing.

18. Air Fryer

It is common to gain a little weight in the first years of marriage. Which is definitely not a bad thing, at all. Gift them an air fryer for some healthier dinner options.

19. Quality Mixing Bowls

This is by far one of the items a newlywed couple forgets to purchase until they absolutely need it. Stock their kitchen with a set of mixing bowls.

20. Silverware Set

Last, but not least, every new household needs a set of silverware or two. Be sure to gift them a nice, quality set.

We hope this Muslim wedding gift guide was beneficial to you. Remember to include a handwritten card to wish the new couple a blessed marriage (God-willing). Lastly, if you want to see more posts like this, please let us know below. Thank you for reading!