21 Ways to Flirt with Your Spouse

As most marriages proceed in their journey, we start taking each other for granted. To keep the spark alive in marriage we have to do the things that attracted us to each other in the first place. Here are 21 ways you can flirt with your spouse and keep the passion in your marriage going.

flirt with your spouse
  1. Treasure Hunt: Send your spouse on a  naughty treasure hunt around the house or inside car, with clues as they reach each one and where to go next. You can leave money, or other things they may value
  2. Message in a Bottle: Imagine you’re stranded on an island, what message would you like to send to your spouse in a bottle?
  3. Post-it mania or 3 by 5 cards.  Write down reasons why you love your spouse on either Post-its or colorful 3 by 5 cards and post them all over the house including bathrooms, closets, anywhere where they would open and be surprised.
  4. Mail a love letter to your spouse, either when you are traveling eg for business or just go to a neighboring city and mail it.  You can even make it anonymous.
  5. Spritz the Bed: Spray your bed sheets either with your favorite cologne/perfume, talcum powder (assuming they are not allergic to it), or fabric softener spray like Febreeze Refresher.
  6. Red Light Kisses: At every red light or stop sign, kiss your spouse until the light turns green.
  7. Love Poem or book of poetry. Find poetry you or they like and modify and customize it for them by either compiling a poetry book or gift card at a special event, eg anniversary.
  8. Romantic Song: Pick a romantic song your spouse likes and create a montage with their photos using iMovie or MovieMaker.
  9. Love Songs: Make a CD of their favorite love songs and put it in their car.
  10. Unconditional Massage: When you see your spouse had a rough day offer them an unconditional massage
  11. Whiteboard: Get some dry erase markers and write cute messages to each other, play tic-tac-toe, hangman,…
  12. Treasure hunt take 2: Write flirtatious messages in different books  and gives clues of where to find the next message.
  13. Whisper Sweet Nothings: Whispering anything in your spouses ear makes it sensual, you can be discrete or explicit.
  14. Picnic: Grab or make finger foods and some cold or hot non-alcoholic beverages and head to a park or any remote spot along with a blanket
  15. Naughty Parking Ticket: Leave a sensual parking ticket on your spouses car, and let them know a fine is waiting for them in the house.
  16. Romance Novel Star: Put your spouse’s picture on the cover of a sexy romance novel
  17. Water fight: get out the SuperSoakers or just get a couple of spray bottles or hose and have fun in the back yard
  18. Photo Booth: Have fun in a photo booth and capture those moments.
  19. Pillow fight: Pretty straight forward, guys hold back your strength, this is just having fun.
  20. Bring or make your spouse’s favorite dessert.
  21. Watch a romantic movie or television and in between scenes flirt with each other.

So there you have it, 21 ways to flirt with your spouse. It’s important to keep the spark alive in your marriage. Don’t get too comfortable.

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