3 Major Muslim Wedding Dress Themes

In a previous post, 11 Absolutely Gorgeous Wedding Dresses, we covered the beauty of the Muslim wedding dress. In this post, we wanted to help you determine the key themes and criteria to consider for your wedding dress, and show you even more gorgeous dresses.

There are 49 Muslim majority countries in the world. However, Muslims are also of the largest minorities in Western Europe, America, India and beyond. From the 49 countries, we came up with the three major themes that you will find in a Muslim wedding dress.

Western White

Most white Muslim wedding dresses are modest with long sleeves and hijab. This is used not only in North America, Europe, but also in Turkey, Iran, and the Middle-East. However, many Arab weddings (for example) have gender-separate receptions and therefore allow women to get their hair done and wear a sleeveless wedding dress.

South Asian

Colors are usually red and green in combination with other vibrant colors. You will also find most covered in gold and jewelry from head to toe. This is common in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and other regions.


Africa is a huge continent where there are many variations from white to vibrant colors and patterned wedding dresses.

Wedding dresses can be variations on everyday dresses like the abaya, baju kurung, kaftan, shalwar kameez, to more elaborate like lehngas. Through fashion-fusion some dresses combine traditional cultural elements with Western fashion. Besides color and other themes, it is important to consider the time of year, weather, and if the wedding is being held indoors or outdoors. 

Measurements for a wedding dress are very important and below are the key measurements to take when having a wedding dress customized or designed.