5 Tips For Your Big Day

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, especially when there are many other things going on in your life. There are multiple options from the cake to the venue, but with 5 simple tips, you will be able to plan your big day with limited stress.

1.  Keep a binder. The trick to planning such a big event is to be organized. Get yourself some wedding magazines and start clipping away. Save all of your clippings in a binder, or even a shoe box (whichever you see fit). This will help you figure out your color scheme, theme, and will make it easier when it comes time to make decisions.

2.  Be specific. When you have narrowed down your clippings, bring them along with you to meetings with your venue, bakery, florist, so on and so forth. Photos are the best way to get your vision across. You can explain it as much as you want, but everyone has a different opinion of what “light pink” may mean. Photos, photos, photos! And let them know exactly how you want it, be as specific as possible.

3.  Know what you want. Family members and friends tend to get very opinionated during this time. Do not let them steer you away from your vision. You know what you want because you have a whole binder full! They can be convincing, so be prepared.

4.  Book trials/tastings. It is important that you have your hair and make-up trials months in advance, unless you already have your go-to salon. This can be very time consuming and stressful. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, you need and want to look flawless. Take the time to research salons in your area, and book appointments to test them out. Take one close family member or friend with you (no more than that).

5.  Create a schedule. This is very important. After everything is booked and you have made all the arrangements, map out a schedule. Make sure everyone in your bridal party and all the vendors have this schedule. It will keep everyone on the same page and no one will come to you with any problems. No problems = a happy and stress-free bride.

These tips are coming to you from a newlywed. If I could have a do-over, these are the 5 things I would keep in mind. You want this day to be perfect and organization is key. Not only that, but you should also take the time to treat yourself with massages, manicures, pedicures. After all, this is one of the most exciting moments of your life!