5 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Wedding

1. Start “following” different vendors

And of course PMW! This will bring inspiration and ideas right to your news feed, should make the planning process that much easier.

2. Save the Date Facebook Event

This will help you save money for sure.  You need to make sure your date is reserved in all of your family and friends’ calendars.  This way is the fastest and cost-effective.

3. Hashtag for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

The newest trend in the wedding realm.  This will allow all of your guests’ photos/statuses/tweets to appear in one place, rather than having to wait for each one of them to send you photos.

4. Create an account for your wedding

This will be a one-stop-shop for your guests.  Include details about the wedding festivities – save the date, a copy of the invitation, include hotel information, so on and so forth.  If your guests aren’t hashtag savvy they can easily post the photos on your page, or message them to you.

5. Incorporate the hashtag in your decor

As the couple has done above, this way people will be able to capture your wedding day and post it right away with the known hashtag.