7 Asian-Pacific Muslim Honeymoon Destinations

In recognition of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month in May, Perfect Muslim Wedding celebrates by sharing seven popular island honeymoon destinations in the Pacific. We wanted to follow our previous popular posts Top 10 Muslim Wedding Honeymoon Destinations and Top 13 Adventurous Muslim Wedding Honeymoon Destinations with new destinations for you.

In Asian-Pacific and Muslim cultures marriage is an alliance between families and is a community event. With all the diversity it’s hard to encapsulate all the various elements that make up wedding ceremonies.

From gifts exchanged to the wedding procession to “Thai the knot” (pun intended), there are many beautiful ways marriage is celebrated. Although there are many Western influences, traditional Asian-Pacific culture is based on, “marry first, love will follow.”

Where love is expressed less through words and more through actions. In rural areas arranged marriages are still popular. Each culture shows artistic expression through décor, wedding dresses, food, and all the accompanying rituals.

Below are the top seven picks by Perfect Muslim Wedding for romantic honeymoon island destinations in the Pacific. We selected places that have some aspect of Muslim culture whether it be population, faith or other. As with any adventure you want to read and talk to people who can advise you of the do’s and don’ts.

In a great honeymoon you not only get to explore new places, but more importantly you have a chance to explore your relationship. Although most couples choose to go to the honeymoon immediately after the wedding, you can choose to delay it for a later more convenient or budget-friendly time. Because of course, there is budget and amount of vacation time to consider.

1. Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is the most populated Muslim country in the world. It is also an  archipelago of over 18,000 islands and with many wonderful destinations to pick. Maybe we will do a deeper dive into them in a separate post, but for now we just picked one of the most popular, Bali.

2. Penang, Malaysia

Although Kuala Lumpur is the capital destination, Penang with its beautiful beaches and diversity in halal food is a wonderful place to explore.

3. Suva, Fiji

Smack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between Australia on the West and the Americas on the East lie the Fiji islands. With 7% of the population being Muslim this is another paradise.

4. Auckland, New Zealand

Located on the North Island Auckland has the largest Muslim population in New Zealand. This is a wonderful starting point for your honeymoon, but don’t forget the larger more scenic South Island also.

5. Phi Phi Islands,  Thailand

Although Bangkok and Phuket are major tourist magnets, Phi Phi is a heaven-on-earth destination. A beautiful archipelago in the Krabi Province not too far from Phuket, it offers turquoise water and great resorts. It has a strong Muslim heritage with a mosque and over 80 percent Muslim population.

6. Honolulu, Hawaii

There is nothing novel in selecting Hawaii as a destination for a Muslim Honeymoon. However, Honolulu has an important Islamic presence from mosques to the Shangri La which is a center for Islamic arts and cultures founded by the Doris Duke Foundation.

7. Mali, Maldives. 

From the Nika Island Resort where you effectively have private beaches to the Mirihi Island Resort, the Maldives offers a “heaven on earth” experience in a Muslim majority country.