What is the Perfect Muslim Wedding?

I, by chance, came across this blog post, and in it the author rightly points out that a perfect wedding doesn’t have to be picture-perfect or meet the expectations of a fantasy wedding. The important thing to note here is that the wedding industry, in the end, is a business, and there’s nothing wrong with…

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13 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Perfect Muslim Wedding

Even though this site is called “Perfect Muslim Wedding,” it does not mean that everything in your wedding will go exactly as you planned. Stuff happens, you can count on it. However, that does not mean there are some common pitfalls that you can’t avoid. Here are a few things to avoid. Remember, you know…

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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Planner

The big question is “Should I or shouldn’t I hire a wedding planner?” We cannot give you a simplistic answer, but can help guide you make your decision. Your budget, timeline and personality will play a critical role in this calling. The detailed questions for you to consider when meeting a wedding planner are listed…

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33 Steps to Love and Romance in Islam (Part 2)

Continued. Notes based on a workshop by Shaikh AbdulRahman Murphy. There are 4 types of maturity: Financial, Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional. For most people they are lacking 2 of the 4. Emotional maturity is very important. How will you deal with situation if you lose job, wife can’t get pregnant, how you handle in-laws, etc. Ask…

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33 Ideas for a Simple Inexpensive Muslim Wedding

If you want a traditional wedding, or are caught up in “gotta have that,” “what will my friends or family think,” you will be stuck in an emotional roller coaster. On one side, you and your mind want things to be simple and inexpensive. On the other, your heart tugs at you and you want…

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Perfectly Simple Muslim Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is no small task. The good news is people have been doing it for eons and will continue doing so. Although we talk about the “Perfect Muslim Wedding” that doesn’t mean they have to be extravagant, lavish feasts. This is contrary to the spirit of Islam and to the example set by…

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Who Pays for What in a Wedding?

In Muslim cultures there are two very different cultural traditions of who pays for what. In Desi (Indian sub-continent culture) it is the bride’s side who pays for most of the wedding. In other cultures e.g. Arab, Afghan, it is the groom’s side that pays for most of the wedding. Along with this add other variables:…

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13 Ways to be Your Beautiful Best for the Muslim Bride

We all want to look perfect, beautiful and dazzling on our wedding day. To look and feel great you need to be rested, relaxed and let your happiness radiate from your every pore. Making sure your dress, your hair, your makeup, and teeth are all looking good is the key to being your beautiful best. However, beauty is…

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33 Steps to Love and Romance in Islam (Part 1)

These notes are based on a workshop by Shaikh Abdul-Rahman Murphy. May Allah (swt) continue to bless our marriages with love and romance. Ameen. Study the 5 languages of love. One, Words of Affirmation, e.g. I appreciate you, you mean the world to me. Two, Acts of Service. Doing things that don’t have a monetary…

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6 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Muslim Wedding

If you remember any part of the definition of a perfect Muslim wedding, the focus is on the planning. Here are some of the key steps you need to do to set the stage: Get in the right frame of mind. Whether you look at Olympic athletes, or Nobel Peace Prize winners, great accomplishments require…

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