20 Communication Don’ts and 5 Do’s for a Healthy Marriage

Communication is key. We hear that quote all the time. During times of stress and conflict it is easy to default to cliches. However, they can be very harmful. Here are several communication don’ts and do’s.

You should definitely avoid saying the following:

  1. “You’re wrong.”
  2. “I told you so.”
  3. “I’m not In the mood.”
  4. “You are a mama’s boy.”
  5. “Am I beautiful?”
  6. “Calm down, relax.”
  7. “What is wrong with you anyway?”
  8. “Stop being so sensitive.”
  9. “Are you done?”
  10. “I have had enough.”
  11. “Is That What You’re Going To Wear?”
  12. “What are you thinking about?”
  13. “You’re doing it wrong.”
  14. “It’s a guy thing. You wouldn’t understand.”
  15. “Do you think she’s pretty?”
  16. “I hate you, your parents, your family.”
  17. “You are your mother.”
  18. “You should ask my mom how to cook.”
  19. “It’s all your fault.”
  20. “You never…”

Things you should say, often:

  1. “I’m sorry, I take full ownership, and it won’t happen again.”
  2. “I am the luckiest man/woman to have you in my life.”
  3. “To me, you are the most beautiful/handsome woman/man in the world.”
  4. “I am so blessed that you are my wife and mother to our children.”
  5. “You are the best husband and father in the world.”

Featured photo by Azlan Dupree available under Creative Commons Attribution License

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