6 Ways To Cut Wedding Costs

One of the hardest and time consuming things to do: cut costs. We all want the perfect wedding, complete with the extravagant cake, the elegant hall and the beautiful dress. However, many of us simply do not have the funds to foot such an event. So where can we cut costs, but still have the perfect wedding? Here are a few ways:


1. Don’t go for the 5 tier cake, why not a small cake with cupcakes – or better yet, cake pops! Still will have the visual appeal and taste you’re looking for.

2. Find a venue that has wedding packages that can be customized to your budget and needs.  Being Muslim, you already get to mark off the alcohol on the package (and trust me, that takes a lot off the bill).

3. Plan your wedding reception on a Sunday, there is a big price difference between Saturday and Sunday (for most places at least.)

4. Booked your venue? Ask for a list of vendors – often times, they can provide you with a discount with their partner vendors.

5. Want that beautiful dress you’ve been eyeing in that bridal magazine? Rent it.  You’re going to wear this dress once anyway, or check out pre-owned wedding dress sites.  The majority of those dresses have only been worn once and the prices are affordable.

6. Always utilize the talents of your family and friends. Chances are you have a photographer, make-up artist, hair stylist, or henna artist in your circle – they will most likely give you a better deal if not for free!

When it comes to your wedding, you’re not only cutting the cake – there is always room to cut costs too!

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