Detox or Retox for Your Muslim Wedding and Life

Do you want to look awesome on your wedding day? If so, you should consider a complete body detox.

If we follow prophetic ways detox should come naturally. Of course for Muslims the month of fasting in Ramadan is the best detox. Given our modern lifestyles we found something to compliment our busy and crazy lives.  We came across a great book on the subject titled RETOX: Yoga*Food*Attitude Healthy Solutions for Real Life by Lauren Imparato. Here are some of the highlights from the book.

  • Go for nutrients over calories. eg if for lunch you have a choice of beef over chicken, although both have protein and most health conscious people will opt for chicken, instead go for the beef. Why? Beef has more iron, zinc, phosphorous and vitamin B. Another example is for a snack if you have a choice of a 100 Cal snack bar, or a 300 Cal Avocado, opt for the the Avocado for its Omega 3’s.
  •  Nutrients feed dells, cells construct you, so watch what you eat and drink. Processed food is bad, fast food even worse. Make H2O your beverage of choice.
  • Your body needs 72 hours (3 days) to fully process everything you ingest. So the body is constantly working to digest and metabolize, so it too needs a break. Try to leave a 10-12 hour break (fast) between dinner and breakfast.
  • Follow the 2/3 rule. Make 2 out of 3 meals healthy. Make 2 out of 3 things on your plate to be pure nutrient.
  • Nourishment is not about dish but ingredients. Instead of fries or other fried food, order a side of greens when eating out.
  • Don’t mix proteins (this was a new one for us). Have only one protein in your meal. eg have a veggie starter and then fish for main course. Mixing proteins adds additional stress to the digestive system. So forget the combination Kabob or the Lamb/Beef Gyro.
  • When you  buy fish, make sure it is Wild and not farm raised. Beef should be grass fed.
  • Drink tap water (not ice water)
  • Watch out for Asian restaurants that use MSG.
  • Mexican restaurants avoid the fried foods and go for eg a Fish Taco.
  • With Pizza have a salad
  • Go light on hummus and yogurt based starters. Falafels are fried, so opt for anything grilled.
  • Sugar is an inflammatory agent. Sugar is associated with expansion headaches. Cut out sugar of all sorts to allow your body to neutralize.
  • Also watch out for too spicy, fatty, foods and focus on water, mint, ginger.

Depending on your level of knowledge you may find these tips helpful or not. But here is what we find amazing in the book.

  • Share a meal at least once per day.
  • Talk to someone you love every day.
  • Take one minute each day to connect to your breath and thoughts.

We’re not scholars, but isn’t this Sunnah, it’s the way of our Prophet (SAW)? InshAllah with your spouse and family this will come naturally, but if doesn’t then try to make it a practice. It is hard to summarize a book in a short blog post, but we hope you find this useful. Anything you would like to share?

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