How to Guarantee a Perfect Honeymoon

A few insider secrets to get you started. First: Talk, Talk, Talk! Talk to your would-be-spouse, talk to friends, talk to travel experts. The purpose in the initial conversations is just to share and learn expectations, find out from others what worked for them or did not, and also get some expert help if needed.

Among the many decisions you will make, deciding the honeymoon will be an important one. It is one where you learn to listen, explore, then narrow the options down, until you figure out what works for both of you.  Share your dreams, as well as real world realities. Perfect honeymoons don’t just happen, they have to be thoughtfully planned and then of course a few prayers also help.

Photo by Lukasz Jakubowski courtesy of Pexels Stock Photos.
Photo by Lukasz Jakubowski courtesy of Pexels Stock Photos.

Ideally you want your perfect honeymoon to be a combination of romantic, fun, and memorable. Are you looking for unique or something tried and trusted? On the Mainland, Hawaii, Caribbean, Europe, Mid-East or Asia (not to forget going down under, Australia/New Zealand)?

How far are you willing to travel? The further by air, the more jet lag and time you need to recover. How far is the hotel from the airport, city, and places of attraction?

Don’t be shy in letting airline, hotel and other staff know you are on your honeymoon. It can pay dividends.

Pay attention to detail for example, airline seats, cruise ship cabins, size of bed, king/queen, logistics of getting to or from the airport, cruise terminal. For cruises, make sure you know what is covered including one way or round trip air-travel.

If you like to pack in a lot of activities, that’s okay, but allow down time also. Whether that be sleeping in or taking a siesta. Get recommendations for restaurants from local tourist boards, hotel staff, cab drivers, and of course, online reviews.

These are some of the keys to a perfect honeymoon. However, the greatest secret just as in wedding planning is to allow for the unplanned. Baggage may get delayed or lost, there may be a mix up in reservations, you may get two twin beds instead of the king, one of you may get hurt or become sick, the lights may go out, a natural disaster can strike. Not that these are the worst that could happen, but wait for it, you could get into an argument that escalates.

A honeymoon is a great immersion experience for your marriage ahead. If you let go of expectations, are willing to laugh things off, you will have the perfect honeymoon.

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