Honeymoon Checklist and Timeline

There is already an added stress when traveling whether it’s domestic or international. Now, add in the pressures of the perfect honeymoon and you may be a little extra stressed.

No worry, we decided to create this handy honeymoon checklist and timeline. You can easily print this and keep it with you or hang it on your refrigerator, that way you can check off everything as you complete it.

8-12 Months Prior:

  • Discuss locations
  • Discuss budget & time
  • Research travel-warnings
  • Apply for or renew passport

3-6 Months Prior:

  • Book airline reservations, hotel, car rental, or cruise
  • Consider travel insurance for health, weather conditions, and property
  • Research destination for vaccinations
  • Research any medical precautions you need to take
  • Explore halal food options and/or any other dietary restrictions
  • Check luggage allowances
  • Research travel visas

2-3 Months Prior:

  • Apply for a visa
  • Buy luggage
  • Get PMW’s Honeymoon Kit ready
  • Get vaccinations and/or any prescriptions

1 Month Prior:

  • Confirm travel, seat assignments, and special meals
  • Research and buy any adapters or voltage converters
  • Check bank accounts and credit cards for sufficient funds
  • Prepare and plan any romantic gestures
  • Take cash in US Dollars as well as local money ($100-$300)
  • Ask family/friend/neighbor to check your mail, bring in your paper, watch your house, water plants, take out the trash, etc. or register at the post office and newspaper to stop delivery
  • Pay bills or set up automatic payment
  • Purchase prescriptions and toiletries
  • Research with your bank to check ATM fees and or credit card transaction fees
  • Explore cell phone options that give you the best fees or package
  • If required, apply for an international driver’s license

3-5 Days Prior:

  • Start packing
  • Make copies of the itinerary, travel documents, credit cards, list of valuables, house key and share with family and/or friends
  • Confirm travel reservations and print flight schedules, hotel and another itinerary
  • Check weather reports for destination
  • Pack last minute medications and toiletries
  • Grab some great reading material
  • Set up voicemail and “out of office” auto-reply for email accounts
  • Label your luggage inside and outside in case your bag is lost.
  • Make sure phones/cameras are charged, and bring extra memory cards
  • Share or throw out refrigerated food and trash the day before you leave

Day of Departure:

  • Set thermostat and light timers in your house
  • Double-check you have a passport, driver’s license, and cash
  • Allow time for check-in and security (1 hour domestic, 2 hours international plus margin)
  • Make a travel prayer

Enjoy your honeymoon! Please let us know if we have missed anything. We want to make sure everyone has a stress-free and beautiful honeymoon inshAllah.