How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Decorator

Although in some cases the decor and theme may be managed by the wedding planner, in others it may be a distinct role. The wedding decorator is someone who has interior design skills and knows how to create the ambiance using the decor, flowers, and other accessories.

The focal point for the decorator is the stage and everything including the runner leading to it and all the guest tables are a supporting cast. However, to help you get started and give context, here are things to think about.

  1. There’s no getting away from it, your budget and all the other components of the wedding will vie for attention, and amongst them are the stage and overall decor.
  2. A skilled wedding decorator should be able to suggest solutions based on your budget.
  3. The decorator’s work has to be congruent with the venue, planner, florist, and of course, yourself.
  4. Along with the wedding planner, the wedding decorator will be instrumental in creating the choreography of the wedding.
  5. Pick a color. Whether it is bold or soft it will determine the theme of the wedding. It is your signature, so make sure it reflects you.
  6. To help you decide other than “what is my favorite color,” some things to keep in mind are the timing, e.g. the season and what is fixed at the venue (carpet, drapes, wallpaper, etc.) which you cannot change.
  7. You will be hearing the “less is more” theme again and again. As much as the color is captivating, it has to be used with discretion. Bold colors need to be accented and balanced by their surroundings. Otherwise, a saturated look takes over.
  8. Your wedding dress and accessories along with the dress and clothes of the wedding party, the napkins, tablecloths, centerpieces, runners, chair covers, wedding favors, wedding cake, candles, and chandeliers all will pay a key role in the ambiance.
  9. Lighting all the key focal points including the stage is critical to giving the whole reception hall a warm and inviting feel.
  10. Centerpieces can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Just make sure they do not block guest’s views of the stage or from each other. Floating candles in them can create a wonderful look and feel.
  11. As with selecting other vendors, references, quotes, and your chemistry all count when it comes to finalizing who you will work with.