How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Florist

The ambiance of your wedding will be created by many factors including the venue, decor, and yes, flowers. Their rich hues and fragrance bring a wedding to life with their beauty and brightness. The floral arrangements from the bouquet to the centerpieces can make your day, everyone’s day.

Once again, your budget and time you have will play a critical role in your approach to this. The detailed questions for you to consider when meeting with a florist are listed in the Perfect Muslim Wedding Planning Kit. However, to help you get started and give context here are things to think about.

  1. There’s no getting away from it, your budget and all the other components of the wedding will vie for attention, and amongst them are the floral arrangements.
  2. A skilled florist should be able to suggest solutions based on your budget.
  3. There are many variables that a florist can work with. In-season flowers are less costly than exotic imported ones.
  4. Less is more with flowers. Having them strategically placed and being a focal point is far better than having walls to wallflowers.
  5. Use expensive roses, orchids, stargazer lilies, and gardenias sparingly and complement them with carnations and daisies.
  6. Ask your florist about the current floral trends for weddings.
  7. A large portion of weddings takes place in summer. Make sure that the flower you choose will hold up in the heat and or humidity.
  8. Bring cutouts of floral arrangements you like from magazines, weddings you have attended, and anything that caught your attention.
  9. Bring any accessories or samples of them that you have decided upon e.g. wedding dress, color theme, napkins, tablecloths, so the florist has something to work with.
  10. Follow the KIS (Keep It Simple) principle with flowers. The more elaborate the floral arrangement the more the labor. Simpler displays will allow you to spend more on the actual flowers.
  11. The florist’s work has to be congruent with the venue, planner, decorator, and, of course, yourself.
  12. As with selecting other vendors, references, quotes, and your chemistry all count when it comes to finalizing who you will work with.