How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Videographer

The wedding may be perfect, but it lasts only a few hours or days. Your memories, however, last a lifetime. So it makes sense to invest in both the photographs and videos. Just as with still photography, going digital has made video accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

However, professional cameras and techniques, along with editing can capture the narrative far better than any amateur can. You will be revisiting these memories for many years to come, make sure you don’t have any regrets. Most importantly, hire a professional.

  1. There’s no getting away from it, your budget and all the other components of the wedding will vie for attention, and amongst them are the videographer(s). A good videographer and team will cost you a couple of thousand and up, depending upon how long your event is.
  2. Before you can start to talk to videographers, it is good to do a little homework and find out what you, your spouse, and family-like and dislike. What kind of mood do you want the videographer to capture? Poised and filmic or relaxed and natural? Fast-paced or slow? Bright and fun or dark and moody? The list goes on.
  3. Start with an edited portfolio and also make sure to see a complete shoot in order to get a clear understanding of the range of the videographer.
  4. Besides posed shots, are they able to capture the heart and soul of the wedding?
  5. Although for budget reasons you may only want one videographer, in practice both as backup and to respect conservative Muslim guests and families, it would be good to have a female videographer as part of the team.

    It is best for women videographers to ask permission from women wearing e.g. hijabs or niqabs. Many people are uncomfortable with being recorded for personal reasons as well, so make sure the videographer is mindful of that.
  6. Having at least a two-person team allows them to capture different kinds of shots. One can be wide-angle, the other close-ups. One captures the main action, the other reactions.
  7. It is important that your videographers are culturally sensitive to your wedding needs. They should be amiable and someone you would be comfortable having around your guests. They should make you and your guests feel relaxed.
  8. Audio is a key component of video. Find out how they will be capturing it. For clear audio, either the videographer needs to mike the subject or needs to be able to tap into the A/V system.
  9. How much editing will the videographer do? How long will it take? What format and resolution will they provide the footage? Will you get the raw video also? How long will the edited video be? Can they capture stills from the video? Can you have a shorter highlight version? How long will the final product be? Will the DVD have a title menu?
  10. What about music and who owns the copyright of the final video?
  11. Understand their style. Will it be documentary-style just capturing things as they happen or more cinematic? Will there be any voice-over?
  12. As with selecting other vendors, references, quotes, and your chemistry all count when it comes to finalizing who you will work with.