Perfect Muslim Wedding Survey Infographic

A first ever survey carried out by in the North-American Muslim community is now providing new details captured in a detailed infographic.

It reveals, among other things, that Muslim brides prefer red or white as the color of choice for the wedding dress. In terms of how couples meet, an overwhelming number meet through parents and friends.

Although Muslims in the United States, Canada, and the UK are the largest growing faith, their exact numbers, demographics and preferences are still pretty hard to come by. This survey, the first of it’s kind and debuting on the launch of the site, provides interesting insights. Over 100 people participated in the survey.

Among the findings; the average length of engagement is less than one year for the vast majority and brides prefer to keep their maiden name. Although Muslim weddings tend to have a larger number of guests, the majority are still under 200 guests. The marriage ceremony, called the nikah tends to, overwhelmingly, take place at a mosque or the bride’s home. On the question of budget, about half of the weddings are under $10,000 and the rest mainly between $10,000 to $50,000.

To give the numeric values from the survey some context, the following insights are shared. South Asian brides tend to prefer red whereas those from Arab, Persian and others prefer white. However, traditions are changing and modern Muslim brides are trying out new colors.

Perfect Muslim Wedding Survey Infographic
Perfect Muslim Wedding Survey Infographic

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Details of the survey are as follows:

Participants: 102

What was the length of engagement or your ideal length of engagement?

<6 months 46.94%
6-12 months 34.69%
12-18 months 13.27%
>2 yrs 5.10%

How did you meet your spouse/fiance?

Through parents 42.25%
Through friends 43.66%
Online 11.27%
At work 2.82%

As a bride, have you or will you keep your maiden name?

Yes 52.58%
No 19.59%
Not Applicable 27.84%

How many guests did you invite or how many attended your wedding?

50-100: 29.17%
101-200: 30.21%
201-300: 9.38%
300-500: 21.88%
500+ 9.38%

Where was your nikah (wedding ceremony) performed or where would you like it to be?

Mosque: 43.75%
Home: 31.25%
Reception hall: 25%
Other answers: University, Restaurant, Department of Ministry

What was your budget or planned budget for the wedding?

<10K: 48.98%
10-20K: 29.59%
20-30K: 11.22%
30-50K: 4.08%
50K+: 6.12%

What was or is your preferred color of wedding dress?

Red: 48.68%
White: 43.42%
Orange: 1.32%
Green: 6.58%
Other Answers: Traditional ethnic Muslim dress, Red & green, Ivory or off-white, White, cream, beige, off-white, champagne, whatever color the dress comes in.

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