21 Ways to Ignite the Passion and Spice Up Your Marriage

No matter how good or great your marriage is, it doesn’t take much for one or both of you to get bored, or for small irritations and conflicts to go from a molehill to a mountain. Below are 21 wonderful ideas to keep the passion alive in your marriage.


The Tips:

  1. Stay curious by asking each other questions.
  2. Remember the early days.
  3. Create new memories.
  4. Go for long walks and talk it out.
  5. Be the first to forgive and move on. Conflicts are inevitable, arguments and fighting are not.
  6. Never stop dating each other.
  7. If it isn’t broke, fix it. Don’t wait for boredom to get into your intimate life, change things up.
  8. Keep your private life private and intimate.
  9. Stay on your spouse’s emotional radar. Send them a sexy text or leave a post it for them to find.
  10. Give simple surprises. It is the thought behind it that counts.
  11. Create things for her like a scrapbook, photo album, sensual poems, a playlist.
  12. Get tickets to a concert they love.
  13. Cook your spouse their favorite dish.
  14. Pay attention to the small things around the house that may be annoying them and fix it.
  15. Be lovers, best friends, advisors of each other.
  16. Foreplay starts outside the bedroom with intimacy. Experiment, try new positions or role playing.
  17. Always treat your spouse with compassion, love, and respect.
  18. Pray to God and thank Him for his countless blessings and for his protection.
  19. Always be in a state of gratitude and patience.
  20. Have at least one phone-free hour each day where both of you connect without distractions.
  21. Check in with each other every day. That goes beyond just asking “How was your day honey?”

It’s important to ignite the passion to keep your marriage alive and happy. Try these tips out and let us know what you think!

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