Kids at Weddings Yes or No?

We know the scene all too well. Beautiful hall and decor, coupled with screaming kids. It just doesn’t work. There are mainly 2 ways of dealing with this. Either state in the invitation that you kindly request no children under a certain age attend, or you can provide babysitting for your guests. Both will work perfectly fine. We will discuss how to word your invitations and how to keep the kids entertained throughout the night.

For the first option, which is probably the route most will go with because it’s just less headache. There are many ways you can politely tell your guests that no children are allowed. Here are a few ways:

  1. Adult-only Reception.
  2. We kindly request no children under the age of __.
  3. Due to limited space, we cannot accommodate children.
  4. Please no children under the age of __.

Remember to be both straightforward and polite. Most adults will understand, but others may be a bit sensitive if you don’t get the wording right.

As for the second option, depending on how many kids are expected, you can hire 1 or 2 babysitters to watch over. You can bring in a TV, movies, books, games, etc. You might want to discuss this with your venue to make sure it’s allowed. We wouldn’t recommend anything like paint or coloring, to avoid any damage to the venue.

Be sure to let relatives know whether or not they can bring their children. In most cases, you probably want to allow them.

This is your special day, if you don’t want children, you can let your guests know without offending anyone. Good luck and congratulations!