27 Ways to Pass Time on Long Flights

Whether you are traveling on your honeymoon, anniversary, vacation or business, it is hard to avoid going to a destination of your choice without most likely enduring a long, long flight. At the most basic level you can either sleep and or eat, read/watch movies, stay active doing something. Below are 27 ways to kill or pass time on long flights as well other useful travel tips.

  1. Plan out your flight. eg If it is a 16 hour flight depending on your departure and arrival times break it down. eg Settle-in, eat dinner, sleep 4 hours, watch 2 movies, read/work, pray, sleep sleep 4 hours, and wow you have arrived.
  2. If possible to sync up your body clock with the destination to minimize jet lag.
  3. Drink lots of water.
  4. Either bring an empty bottle with you or if they offer it get it from the flight attendants so you can sip on it as needed.
  5. Get to know a fellow passenger sitting next to you. Granted not everyone is a social bee, but just by being curious you can strike up a great conversation.
  6. Hang out near the bathrooms and stretch. Greet people as they come by.
  7. Go to the flight attendants area to get water or snacks and strike up a conversation with them
  8. After the first meal, depending on your flight itinerary you can take melatonin or a sleeping pill that can take up half your flight time. It’s not easy flying especially in economy class and if the flight is full.
  9. You can order a special meal (eg Muslim or Indian-vegetarian). Alternatively you can order eg a kabob/falafel sandwich or something else on your way to the airport as an alternate to dinner or for a snack in between served meals.
  10. As the air can become dry, you may want to bring eye drops with you.
  11. Practice Air-yoga while in your seat and frequent say hourly stretches out of the seat.
  12. Do tasbih. make dua for everyone. It’s a great way to gain blessings and remember everyone and everything that is important to you.
  13. Play games, find shapes in the clouds.
  14. Write postcards to family and friends and then mail them from your destination.
  15. Plan either the details of what you will be doing and review your destination itinerary or plan your next trip.
  16. Bring along a favorite book or two or a Kindle.
  17. Load up your favorite programs on  your iPhone/iPad and don’t forget to bring a good quality pair of earphones.
  18. Before you take off, set your watch (if you wear one) to the destination time.
  19. Wear something comfortable (not pyjamas but eg biz casual)
  20. If it is a work related trip, bring your laptop and get busy.
  21. You can chose the airline by looking at which kind of plane they fly on that route. eg the A380 and Boeing 787 are known for their quieter cabins and smooth ride (of course barring turbulence).
  22. If you get motion sickness, besides taking medicine like Dramamine, it is better to sit in the first half of the plane closer to the front. Seats next to the engines tend to be a little louder.
  23. Bring a sketchpad or notebook to write out ideas or just doodle.
  24. Ask if flight is going to be full? When flight is boarded look around and find eg contiguous empty seats you can move into.
  25. Get window side seats for view, rest your head or aisle side for easier access to the bathroom.
  26. Make sure all your devices are fully charged and have a charging cable.
  27. Bring a neck pillow.

Fi Amanullah and safe travels.

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