Muslim Honeymoon in Moscow St. Petersburg

Moscow and St. Petersburg are probably not the first names that people think of for going on a Muslim Honeymoon. Yet, there are some very interesting reasons to consider either or both. Why consider Moscow? It is the Muslim capital of Europe with an estimated 1.5 million Muslims living in a city of over 12 Million people. St. Petersburg is the former capital and although much smaller, has character and energy. There are Muslims from all over Central Asia. Below are 10 reasons to consider a honeymoon in Moscow St. Petersburg.

10 Reasons:
Photo by Bernt Rostad available under a Creative Commons License
  1. Moscow and St. Petersburg are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe.
  2. Both cities are a mix of ancient and modernity with a lot of their history preserved.
  3. Moscow is a large city but it has pockets real beauty, it resides on the Moskva river.
  4. The focal point of Moscow is Red Square and The Kremlin
  5. It’s hard to compare 2 cities as their personalities are very different but St. Petersburg is probably the more picturesque.
  6. If you like history,  arts architecture then both cities have a lot to offer.
  7. You can explore the city on foot, metro or on a romantic boat ride with dinner along theMoskva river.
  8. Besides Red Square, there are museums, libraries, tombs, cathedrals and castles, malls both historic (GUM) and of course, the Bolshoi Theatre.
  9. There 4+ mosques in Moscow but the Moscow Cathedral Mosque is an amazing one to attend especially on Jummah. Plan to arrive early as a lot of people end up praying outside on to the street.
  10. In Moscow the visual that captures the city is St. Basil’s Cathedral and in St. Petersburg it is the Church of the Savior on Blood.

The best time to visit is Spring through Fall. If budget is not an issue, the Radisson Royal Hotel is vey historic and a great experience, or you can plan to stay near Red Square at the Four Seasons. For budget conscious folks, there are plenty of other options. Halal food is available at many restaurants. Right by the Radisson, there are three halal options, Farsi (Persian), Chef (Turkish) and Marani (Georgian). Always ask which items on the menu are halal.

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