A Little Wedding Fun With Acronyms

At Perfect Muslim Wedding, we like to have fun so for this post we thought about playing with wedding acronyms. Every cultural group has their own terminology including techies. In the world of weddings there is a code also. Below are some serious and fun acronyms for weddings in general and a few specifically for Muslim weddings that we have created. Enjoy and be sure to share your favorites with us!

Courtesy of Dossani Plus

Courtesy of Dossani Plus


AHR: At Home Reception
AHAKAS: A Hug, A Kiss, A Shoulder.
BED: Biggest Edifying Discovery
BB: Bridal Bouquet
BP: Bridal Party or Bridal Procession
BMBFE: Be My Best Friend Forever
BTW2: By The Way Too
BTBYCB: Be The Best You Can Be
BRA: Bosom Regulating Accessory
CP: Centerpiece
DOC: Day-Of Coordinator
DT: Desi Time
DW: Destination Wedding
DOWRY: Downright Obnoxious Way Romeos YoYo
DSLB: Doesn’t She Look Beautiful
ER: Engagement Ring
EP: Engagement Party
FA: Fi Amanullah
FEAE: For Ever And Ever
FBOW: For Better or Worse
FWIW: For What It’s Worth
GTG: Get Together
HEA: Happily Ever After
HCD: He Can’t Dance
HENNA: Her Extremely Nice Neoclassic Adventure
HM: Honeymoon
HOPE: Honeymoon Over Practical Entrance
HOPE: Hold On Pain Ends
HTH: Hope That Helps
IIRC: If I Recall Correctly
IHO: In Honor Of
IKR: I Know, Right?
IGDAD: I’m Gonna Dance And Dance
ILs: In-Laws
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion
ITKAYMQ: I’m The King And You’re My Queen
IOW: In Other Words
ITA: I Totally Agree
IWMYAD: I Will Marry You Any Day
IZ: Imam Zamin
JC: Juliet Cap
JM: Just Married
KWIM: Know What I Mean?
LAHO: Listen and Hug Often
LDR: Long Distance Relationship
LDIA: Let’s Do It Again
MA: Marriage Advice
MC: Master of Ceremonies
MARIE: Marriage And Romance Intimacy Expert
MEHNDI: My Everso Happy Night Dancing and Inspiration
NGTBA: Never Go To Bed Angry
NGUOEA: Never Give Up On Each Other
NRW: Nice Romantic Wedding
NSD: Never Stop Dating
NWR: Not Wedding Related
OMG: Oh My God
OOT: Out Of Town (guests)
PMW: Perfect Muslim Wedding
PPH: Please Phone Home
RLSAN: Real Love Starts After Nikah
RSVP: Répondez s’il vous plaît
RUKHSTI: Romeo U Know How Scary This Is?
RWYFIL: Remember Why You Fell In Love
SB: Stay Beautiful
SEX: Sacred Energy Exchange
SHADI: So Happy and Delirious Idealism
SO: Significant Other
SIMN: Sorry I’m Married Now
STD: Save-The-Dates
SWR: Sorta Wedding Related
TIA: Thanks In Advance
TPIL: Two People In Love
TPTB: The Powers That Be
TTSP: This Too Shall Pass
TYC: Thank You Cards
WIC: Wedding Industrial Complex
WMM: Where’s My Mahar?
WBTB: Who Burnt The Bariyani?
WP: Wedding Planner or Wedding Party
WR: Wedding Ring
WAIRS: Wrong Admit It Right Shutup
YCPA: You Can Park Anywhere
YD: Yes Dear
YDIP9: Your Dinner is on Page 9
YJMMD: You Just Made My Day

B2B: Bride To Be
DF: Dear Fiance
DH: Dear Hubby
FAMILY: Father And Mother Interacting Lovingly Year-long
FI: Fiance
FIL: Father-In-Law
FILs: Future In-Laws
FBIL: Future Brother-In-Law
FFIL: Future Father-In-Law
FMIL: Future Mother-In-Law
FOB: Father Of Bride
FOG: Father Of Groom
FSIL: Future Sister-In-Law
FW: Future Wife
GP: Grandparents
HUSBAND: Heartthrob Usefully Serving Bariyani And Never Deserting
MIL: Mother-In-Law
MOB: Mother Of Bride
NH: New Husband
WIFE: Wonder-woman In-charge Family Establishment
WIFE: Wise Investment Flowering Eternally


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