10 Things You Will Probably Experience at a Muslim Wedding

Here at Perfect Muslim Wedding, we want to inspire and educate you about Muslim weddings and beyond. What is beyond? The actual marriage, so we want to keep in touch and virtually hold your hand along the way.

For those who have never attended a Muslim wedding, here are five great things and five not so great things you need to know about them.

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What is “great?”

  1. Great Food. Muslims come from 49 Muslim majority and many Muslim minority countries. What does this mean? A vast variety of cuisines.
  2. Great Decor. Muslims have created and inherited some beautiful wonders of the world from the pyramids to the Taj Mahal. Grandeur for the middle and upper classes comes, well, easily.
  3. Great Drama. As in other cultures, Muslim weddings are an opportunity for family and friends to get together. Along with a lot of creative tension, which may show up in unique ways.
  4. Great Rituals. Historically wherever Muslims have gone in the world they have incorporated many local cultures and customs. Too many to list, but expect a lot of diversity.
  5. Great Clothes. With the exception of some cultures that have followed the European norm of white weddings, expect to be impressed with both the color and style of wedding dresses and adornments.

What is “not so great?”

  1. Timing. No matter where you go in the Muslim world including America and Western Europe, our weddings are not known for being punctual like Western weddings are.
  2. Long Speeches. Sorry, not only are some of them long, but they can be boring. This has nothing to do with being Muslim.  Our conspiracy theory is that some imam’s are paid by the word, although we have no evidence to back it up.
  3. Number of Events.  Although the spirit of a Islamic wedding is to make it simple, modern day Muslim weddings tend to be epic multi-day events. This includes the possibility of dholkis, mehndi/henna parties, nikah, reception, valima, rukhsti (farewell) and more. You may or may not be invited to them all, so don’t take offense.
  4. Buffet Line. The length and/or the lack of it means you will spend more time waiting than you will eating and enjoying.
  5. Bride and Family Cry. Although more of a South Asian phenomenon, as the wedding party comes to an end and the bride leaves the comfort of her home and family, get your kleenexes ready for a tear-jerker.

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