What is the Perfect Muslim Wedding?

I, by chance, came across this blog post, and in it the author rightly points out that a perfect wedding doesn’t have to be picture-perfect or meet the expectations of a fantasy wedding. The important thing to note here is that the wedding industry, in the end, is a business, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What we all need to do, however, is to be conscious in the way we spend our hard earned money. You don’t need to super-size anything, after all, there is beauty in simplicity.



Some previous posts have covered how to hold a wedding on a budget and make them simple. The following are some further ideas about what you can do to make you or your children’s wedding a “perfect one.”

  1. Time over money. There is no substitute. The more thought and caring that goes into a wedding the more memorable it will be.
  2. Pick the MC early and determine the agenda and order of events at the reception. The MC should have a sense of humor, one who has good people and time management skills. If they can relate to the community, that will not only give the event personality, but an emotional connection.
  3. If you’re part of the bride’s side, the mahar should be not so low that it is not meaningful, but not so high that it becomes a burden. In many middle eastern countries, young men are putting off getting married, as the mahar is being set to tens of thousands of dollars. It is bad for not only the individual, but for society as a whole. Keep the mahar low, affordable, and realistic.
  4. Wedding gowns and tuxedos look elegant, but ask yourself, is it worth spending all that money for a few hours?  You can borrow, rent, purchase pre-owned, or set a budget and stick to it.
  5. When coming up with the guest list, besides family don’t make it a “who’s who.” Rather than the rich and powerful, invite the poor, or those are facing hard times. It will InshAllah be a blessed gathering.
  6. Make it fun. Some people associating being Muslim with boring. The bounds of Islam are wide, and there are many cultural activities that can be done. For example, in Arab, African, Afghan cultures, dancing and singing is common. As long as it is not mixed and modesty is observed, go for it.
  7. Make it poetic. Have young and old recite nasheed, poems, and of course, the Quran. Finish with duas and you can’t go wrong.

Of course there are many other factors that make the perfect Muslim wedding, these are just a few to get you started.

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