Planning Kit

Welcome to the Perfect Muslim Wedding Planning Kit. This kit will provide you with free planning resources. These resources will serve as a starting point and help you keep track of things along the way. Planning tools are helpful to not only the couple, but the whole team involved in the planning of your wedding. Whoever has taken on the role of Wedding Planner needs to ensure that everyone knows their roles. The planning kit includes Word documents and Excel spreadsheets that you can download and adapt for your needs. Depending on which internet browser you use, the spreadsheet download will show up either in a pop-up, on the bottom of the screen or in the download folder. Once you open it, you can do a “Save As” and make a copy where you can find it easily. The Planning Kit includes the following:

Budget Tracker

The Perfect Muslim Wedding Budget Tracker is a useful tool to start your wedding planning. The only caveat is that every wedding is unique. Depending on your budget and how you choose to distribute the funds, the numbers will be totally different. If you have planned a wedding before, you will have a much better idea of the numbers and percentages. If you need any further assistance, we have a Wedding Planning service to hold your hand throughout the entire process.

Planning Checklist

The Perfect Muslim Wedding Planning Checklist will probably be the most useful tool, as it will help you stay on track with everything. You will hear this disclaimer often that all weddings are unique. This is meant to help get you off the ground. Please adapt it to your needs.

Guest Headcount

The Perfect Muslim Wedding Invites RSVP and Headcount is an important planning tool. The budget for your wedding is almost directly proportional to its size and number of guests. Ofcourse the type of venue, catering and all the other variables are important also, but this is an important starting point. It is good to get an early start on this.

Detailed Timeline

Of all the spreadsheets we provide you in the PMW Planning Kit, this is the most empty. As the day starts early and builds up we have made the timeline more granular as it gets closer to the big event. As Muslim Weddings have several events including Nikah, Mehndi-Henna, Reception and Waleemah we have made allowance for that.

Vendor Contact List

Once you have settled on your venue and vendors for the wedding including Planner, Decorator, Florist, Photographer, Videographer etc. it is good to have a quick reference for everyone in the planning committee. You may not want to disclose the budget details and can delete those.

Vendor Questions

We at Perfect Muslim Wedding have done a lot of research to find the most commonly asked and needed questions to ask wedding vendors. This includes the Venue, Caterer, Wedding Planner, Decorator, Florist, Photographer and Videographer. Feel free to adapt based on your own insights and expertise.

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