Perfectly Simple Muslim Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is no small task. The good news is people have been doing it for eons and will continue doing so. Although we talk about the “Perfect Muslim Wedding” that doesn’t mean they have to be extravagant, lavish feasts. This is contrary to the spirit of Islam and to the example set by the Prophet (SAW), which is all about simplicity. Now fast-forward to the times we live in, and of course it is hard to correlate the two, given that the average American wedding is around $27,000. Muslim weddings are probably not too far from that mark. You can still have a beautiful wedding without all the extra zeros.

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Only you and your family can and should decide how, where and when you will use the funds for your wedding. Remember, other than the nikah ceremony, which can be conducted in a mosque with two witnesses and the bride’s guardian, and a simple walimah (reception) hosted by the groom’s family, you do not need to do anything else. Keep the mahar (dowry) that the groom has to pay, easily affordable.

Engagement and wedding rings are a relatively new trend, not present in most Muslim cultures. Photographers, videographers, are a luxury. With digital bringing the cost of taking photos and video down to consumer price points, anyone with a smartphone, or better, can take them. We’re not saying the results can be compared to staged productions, but hey, it’s almost free. Similarly, wedding planners, wedding decorators, wedding florists, and wedding confectioners are new roles, that in the past were done by “Aunty Soraya” or “Uncle Jamil.” For the catering and serving, Hafiz Nai, the village barber cooked the food and the young men in the community served it. A tent was erected a couple of hours before the reception and that became the venue. Those were the good old days.

What you balk? Okay, we’re not advocating you go back in time to the stone age, but we are giving you a baseline. You can do as much or as little as you want based on you, your spouse and respective families budget and expectations. ¬†Go ahead make it a Perfectly Simple Muslim Wedding.

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