How to Continue Wedding Planning During Ramadan

Ramadan consists of long days and short nights. Which gives you plenty of time in the day to plan, plan, plan. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds without food or water throughout the day. We’re here to tell you that no, you don’t have to put your plans on hold. There is always a way. Just like we all continue going to work and school, you can continue your wedding plans. Here are some┬átips:

1. Have a healthy suhoor/sehri. This will give you strength throughout the day, and remember to drink plenty of water (but don’t over do it).

2. Schedule your appointments early in the day. You want to make sure you’re up early enough to beat the afternoon heat. This way you’ll be able to get home right in time for dhur prayer. (Note: if you need to do any tastings ask the vendor to prepare you a to-go plate whether it’s the cake or dinner. This way you’ll be able to test them out at iftaar time. This should only be done if you’re running out of time with your wedding plans.)

3. Take a nap after dhur prayer and wake up for asr. You will feel refreshed, and energized. Pray asr and this will give you time to do some online research for vendors right before you need to begin preparing dinner.

4. Remember not to over-eat at iftaar as this will affect the amount of energy you have going into the next day.

It’s all about being prepared. Remember to eat healthy and wake up early to avoid putting too much stress on your body. InshAllah you’ll receive many blessings planning your wedding during this holy month. Remember be calm, don’t stress, and always put your trust in Allah (swt).

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