Real Wedding: Hedieh and Mahdi Ashktorab

We love to cover real Muslim weddings, and we have another beautiful one to share with you. Hedieh and Mahdi are second generation Persian-Americans. They were married on August 24, 2014 in Saratoga, California. Here is a Q&A with them for more check out their website:

Hedieh and Mahdi Proposal Pefect Muslim Wedding Sofreh

Q. Describe the different segments of a Persian Islamic wedding?

A. There is the “aghd,” which is the religious portion and includes the “sofreh,” which is a floor spread that includes several kinds of food and decorations. Combined they are referred to as “Sofreye-Aghd,” where the legal marriage and ceremonial traditions are exchanged. The symbolic items include herbs, pastries, a mirror and two candelabras, bread, fruit, flowers, prayer rug and other items, which are elements that will make up the couples new married life. The aghd is followed by the ceremony, which includes dinner and reception.

Q. What is most memorable to you from the wedding?

A. The reaction to our dance, especially our parents.

Q. Anything you wish you did differently?

A. Our venue was outside at Saratoga Springs, so we had a limited time to setup and for the wedding before wrapping up. The caterer came a little late, so timing at an event like this becomes critical. However, it all worked out.


Q. What was most stressful for you in the wedding planning?

A. Just figuring out how we were going to do things. We had no experience with, for example, party favors. Once we figured them out, it was easy going. Also deciding on the mahar, which is an Islamic requirement. When you have two families, one more traditional, just getting to an agreement. Again once we got there it was fine.

Q. Any advice for other couples that plan on getting married?

A. Start early. Have clear lines of communication. Use your support system of family and friends and delegate.

Q. What was the most important thing to you in the wedding planning?

A. Just having the wedding, and making sure the guests were happy. Celebrating the wedding with family and friends and doing things they all enjoyed.

Q. Anything else?

A. After the day of the wedding, we headed off to our honeymoon. In hindsight we had family who had come from all over the country. We should have stayed at home and then left the week after. By doing this we could have not only spent time with our relatives but also taken care of other things that needed attention. We would have been more relaxed at the honeymoon then.

Below are some photos from the proposal and wedding, as well as the video.

Hedieh and Mahdi Proposal Pefect Muslim Wedding Walking

Hedieh and Mahdi Proposal Pefect Muslim Wedding Dancing

Hedieh and Mahdi Pefect Muslim Wedding Maysam family

Hedieh and Mahdi Pefect Muslim Wedding Maysam dance


Wedding Vendors

Engagement Photographer – Yas Photography

Wedding Photographer – YtyPhoto

Wedding Videographer – Awkward Turtle

Catering – Majid Catering

Cake & Desert – Haleh Pastry

Florist – Royal Floral Design

Dance – Fancy Footwork

Rentals – Williams Party Rentals

DJ – Jeff Werner

Venue – Saratoga Springs




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