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Planning a wedding can be a bit stressful, especially without a wedding planner. One couple, however, has proven that it’s definitely doable. Hytham Aly and Basma Sayedi took the time to share their beautiful wedding day with Perfect Muslim Wedding, complete with details and advice.

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The couple believes that the wedding day isn’t necessarily the happiest day of your life but rather the first chapter to many happy days.

“We met in college,” Hytham said. “I was stricken by the respect she commanded and how knowledgable of the deen she was.”

It took the couple 8 months to plan their perfect wedding which took place at the Fremont Marriott of Silicon Valley on July 22, 2011.

When Hytham and Basma were asked what their favorite moment of the night was, they had this to say:

Hytham: “As the groom, when I saw Basma come out of the hotel room initially – although it was earlier than what we’d planned – she turned away out of shyness. It was so cute. That was my favorite moment of our wedding day.”

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Basma: “I have many favorite moments for that day, but to pinpoint one would be the moment Hytham and I walked the aisle. Listening to the cheering our family and friends … was truly special.”

As both Hytham and Basma were students at the time, they still managed to find free time to meet with vendors and venues.

The first question that many couples are faced with, in terms of planning, is “Where do I start?”

“We started by picking the date, making sure that our close relatives were able to make it,” Basma said. “Once we got the date (set), we started looking for a venue that was available for our chosen date.”

Hytham and Basma were able to utilize their personal connections to secure some of their vendors.

The couple chose their venue after attending a wedding there before, and also because they were able to bring in their own caterer. The caterer, Salang Pass Restaurant, happened to be a friend of Basma’s father.

They were also able to utilize the photography talents of Hytham’s family friend, Amr Abdallah, who was able to capture their beautiful day.

The key to being organized and planning the perfect wedding is knowing exactly what you want. What’s even better is finding a photo you can show your vendor. Basma did just that.

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“When I first saw Princess Kate and Prince William’s wedding cake, I fell in love with it,” Basma said. “When I told Bjian Bakery that I wanted something similar, he confidently told me that he could make that exact cake. And he did. It was amazingly beautiful.”

After everything is said and done, your wedding day arrives and you’re able to see the months of planning come to life.

“As the groom, just remember that the day is really about her,” Hytham said. “Yes, you are both celebrating … but she’s been dreaming of this day since forever, so do what you can to make the day perfect for her.”

Always remember, “perfect” doesn’t necessarily mean their won’t be any bumps in the road, Basma is able to attest to this first-hand.

“Preparing and planning for a wedding can be very stressful and tiring; however, never forget to have fun with it. It may seem stressful now but after the wedding is over, you will miss that time, trust me,” Basma said.

Despite all the stress that comes with planning  a wedding, Hytham and Basma have shown us that at the end of the day its all about love and happiness.


“Your wedding won’t ever go 100% the way you

planned. So be sure to get ready to roll with the punches. You don’t want

to look back on that day and remember how stressed or upset you were.

You want to look back and remember how fun it was to improvise and how

happy you were.” – Hytham & Basma


The Details:

Wedding Date: July 22, 2011
Caterer: Salang Pass Restaurant
Theme: Elegance – Burgundy and Gold
Photographer: Amr Abdallah
Videographer: Sunset Production
Bakery: Bjian Bakery

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