Real Wedding: MuhammadQasim and Samaah

This real wedding story is really about the most common way we’re introduced to our future spouse: through family friends. That was very much true for MuhammadQasim and Samaah. Whose parents knew each other before they were both born.

“We have actually known each other for really long time. Our parents knew each other before we were both born, and we went to the same school when I was in grade four and MuhammadQasim was in grade six,” Samaah said. “We also went to the same madrasah on the weekends and got to know each other better after we started volunteering with the youth committee at the local mosque.”

The couple were engaged for 15 months and didn’t start planning until 8 months prior to the wedding on August 9, 2014. They started their planning by first selecting a photographer.

real wedding

“Photography was particularly important to us, because we needed both a male and female photographer for the parts of our wedding that were segregated,” Samaah said. “We also wanted photographers with a good eye for light since we both prefer more natural looking pictures.”

The couple decided to go with The Koebels, Chantelle and Myles.

“We couldn’t have been happier to have found Chantelle and Myles as they were just awesome people to have around, and in terms of the quality of their work  I believe the photos speak for themselves,” Samaah said. “They turned out so much better than we could have ever imagined.”

After locking down their photographer, Samaah also started her hunt for the perfect dress which was custom ordered from India.
real wedding

real wedding

“I also I knew that finding a dress would be quite the task since I wanted it to be hijab-friendly,” Samaah said. “I ended up having it custom ordered from India, and when it arrived a few months before the wedding it had to be fitted and altered, so I’m really glad that was sorted out nice and early.”

Being that the couple are students, they wanted to make sure their wedding was cost-friendly by choosing affordable venues.

“Our nikkah was held at the Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre in Richmond BC, and our reception was in my parents’ backyard,” Samaah said. “A pre-wedding ladies event was also held at the mosque, and my henna party was at my parents’ house as well.”

real wedding

real wedding

real wedding

The overall theme, as described by Samaah, was Mediterranean/rustic chic garden party. The wedding colors were coral, cream, and gold.

“We put a lot of effort into making our wedding colors prominent in all of the events,” Samaah said. “Since our wedding was in the middle of the summer, I wanted to incorporate a bright color that wasn’t too overbearing.”

Coral was the main color in MuhammadQasim and Samaah’s wedding events, and was shown in not only the floral arrangements, but the wedding party attire as well.

real wedding
real wedding

“For the reception his (MuhammadQasim) shirt and tie were coral, and our bridesmaids and groomsmen rocked the color as well. Our friends still refer to us anytime something coral is encountered,” Samaah said.

The couple’s theme was also evident in their menu items. The reception was complete with fresh chicken shawarma and falafel, cooked on site.

The dessert consisted of a dessert bar with DIY s’mores, and of course, the wedding cake.

real wedding

real wedding


“Our wedding cake actually fell over during delivery on the morning of our wedding,” Samaah said. “Apparently this was a source of great entertainment for MuhammadQasim, and helped to calm his nerves before the nikkah … The last minute replacement cake was from a gluten-free bakery called Cloud 9.”

After the nerves subsided, it brought the couple to their favorite moment after the nikkah.

“The first time we saw each other after our nikkah was recited was a very special moment. After all the guests had gone to eat dinner (aside from a few close friends, family members, and the photographer of course) MuhammadQasim came over to the ladies’ side with his eyes closed,” Samaah said. “Chantelle led him towards where I was standing, fixed his tie, and told him to open his eyes. He gasped, my friends giggled, I grinned, and a few tears were shed.”

real wedding


Advice from the couple: “A beautiful wedding doesn’t require breaking the bank, and sometimes simple is better. Your love and happiness are the most important things, so try not to let the materialistic parts of the wedding overshadow the beauty of marriage. Don’t forget that the end goal is being married for the pleasure of Allah (swt), and it’s not really about having a big, fancy wedding. I feel like that’s something that is easily forgotten amidst all the stress of wedding planning. Lastly, when you wake up on the morning of your wedding day(s), tell yourself that no matter what happens you won’t stress, you’ll be happy, and you’ll enjoy every minute of your special day. I did that, and it surprisingly worked quite well.”


All photos are courtesy of the above interviewed couple and The Koebels photography.

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