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If you’re not into project management or Tech, not to worry, Scrum isn’t a bad word. It’s the in-thing in Agile project management which is used in software development and from there has grown into marketing, manufacturing and yes weddings. Our purpose in this post isn’t to get hot and heavy into all the lingo. Agile is the general approach and Scrum is a specific and commonly used method of software development.

Photo by Jeremy Keith available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license
Photo by Jeremy Keith available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

Where does Scrum make sense in any project? Usually when a project is new or novel, there are tight deadlines, and or some level of complexity. Doesn’t that sound like a wedding? Most people will hopefully only get married once, so it will be new and novel for them. There is a deadline, the wedding day. There are not enough days and weeks to get all the things on your wedding backlog (ie tasks) done. Although complexity may not match the Apollo mission, there are a lot of details to get right.

There are seven keys you need to identify to use Scrum for wedding planning

  1. Visioning Exercises: Imagine the Perfect Muslim Wedding planning experience
  2. Roadmap: These are all the features that will make your wedding perfect. The Product (your wedding) Backlog are all the major tasks that need to be done, find a venue, caterer, get a dress etc.
  3. Release Planning: Is the timeline to your wedding day and what needs to get done by when. Important tasks need to be prioritized, so you need to separate the must have’s from the nice-to-have’s.
  4. Sprint Planning. Decide what iterations you are going to work in, eg weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and what the outcome should be at the end of each sprint. For example book venue, get wedding dress designed ,fitted, etc. which basically takes your product backlog and breaks it down into more smaller manageable tasks which become your sprint backlog.
  5. Daily Scrum. This maybe a little too much for a wedding unless you’re doing a crash course in 30 days or whatever. Perhaps every week or whatever makes sense based on your timeline do a check-in. You communicate what you did, what you’re planning to do, and any obstacles you are facing.
  6. Sprint Review. In the software world, you show your working prototype and get feedback. For weddings you can show eg a blueprint, dress, fitted dress, whatever shows progress.
  7. Sprint Retrospective. You discuss how things went and what you would do better for the next sprint.

Here is a video which captures the above points nicely.

There are many distinct roles in Scrum planning, The most critical being the Scrum Master who is the facilitator that helps manage the flow of information. Others are the (development) team, product owner (which is kind of like the sponsor), stakeholders, and an Agile mentor (which would be like a Uncle or Aunt) you trust who has done it all before, the wise sage. Many of the roles, may get condensed to just you, your spouse and any key stakeholders.

We cover the details of wedding planning all over our blog.  To help you get a kick start here is something to  think about, the MVP (Minimal Viable Product). What must you have and what is nice to have?


  • All guests feel welcome and have a great time
  • Space for xxx guests
  • Nice ambience in venue
  • Delicious Food
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding Dress/Suit
  • Photographer
  • Stick within our budget
  • Imam/Officiate
  • Awesome Speeches


  • Flowers on every table
  • Videographer
  • Limousine
  • DJ
  • Other things we don’t have the money for

The purpose of using Agile and Scrum isn’t to force a square peg into a round hole, but take some aspects of it that may help in your wedding planning. Thoughts?


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