10 Feng Shui Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life and Bedroom

We all know Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese form that creates harmony in the environment. There are many things we can take from it and adapt to our beliefs and values. Here are 10 Feng Shui Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life and Bedroom, both things to avoid and do.

spice up your love life

  1. Take out all clutter. Over time we accumulate a lot of things. Whatever the “things” are from clothes, perfumes, trinkets, simplify your life by keeping only the best of the best. The rest only gather dust and deplete good energy.
  2. Remove all electronics. This includes Laptop, tablet, smartphone, Television and any other devices that are not essential to sleeping and enjoying your spouse.
  3. Transfer all non-essential furniture and exercise equipment like treadmills to another room or garage.
  4. Remove all photos and statutes of living beings, including family photos.
  5. Clear all artificial artifacts including silk plants.
  6. Get a bed that is neither too high or too low. Get a new mattress whose firmness matches both of your needs. Leave space on both sides of the bed to create space and easy access with a wall behind the headboard. Avoid facing the bed directly towards a door. The bed should be not too small (that you feel one of you may fall off) or too large (that you get lost in it). Full and queen size provide space and intimacy
  7. Use natural high thread cotton sheets that provide a silky smooth but non-slippery feel. Wash them frequently at least once a month.
  8. ¬†Paint your walls with earth tone colors. It’s ok to have red, pink or purple to accent the room but they are bold passionate colors that should be used sparingly.
  9. Use balance as a criteria to place things on either side of the bed so that they are in pairs. eg two night stands, two lamps.
  10. Make your bedroom Sensual, Serene, Spiritual, and a Sanctuary. Do not discuss or even think about life’s problems in the bedroom. Leave all anger and resentment outside and best of all just forgive.
  11. Ok This is a bonus one. Go to bed together, use nice scent, candles, mood lighting, cushy but firm pillows (more than what you sleep with), make your bed in the morning, every morning, and start and end your day with gratitude to God and then your spouse.

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