5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage During Ramadan

Ramadan is such a beautiful and holy month. A great time to not only strengthen ourselves, but our relationships as well. This is the perfect month for some major bonding time with your spouse. Here are some ways that’ll strengthen your marriage during this blessed month.

1. Try your best to pray every prayer together. What better way to strengthen your marriage than working together to get closer to Allah (swt)?

2. Have suhoor/sehri every morning together. Having a fulfilling breakfast with your spouse is the best way to start the day.

3. Take a walk just before iftaar. Avoid staring at the clock aimlessly and letting the hunger get to you. A nice stroll when the sun is just about to set will relax you and your spouse.

4. Have dinner/iftaar together and clean up together. This will strengthen your bond and allow you to work together as a team.

5. Have a moment after taraweeh and ishaa prayer to sit and read Quran together. One can recite while the other listens, or switch off. This will allow you to help each other get closer to Allah (swt), because that is the most important relationship each and every one of us has.

These are just suggestions. There are many things you and your spouse can do that can strengthen your bond with each other and with Allah (swt). Ramadan is a beautiful time, enjoy it and take advantage of it while you can inshAllah.

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