7 Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces

We’ve discussed inexpensive weddings in general. Things you should try or avoid to cut costs, so now let’s take it a step further. For this post we’re going to discuss inexpensive centerpieces. Your theme really shines through your centerpieces at every table, so let’s give your guests something spectacular to look at while your wallet…

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Inspiration Board To Reality

There I was about a year away from my wedding wondering how I was going to get from my inspiration board to reality. I began by buying every wedding magazine I could get my hands on, made an inspiration board and brought it to every meeting with every vendor. My first stop? Wedding planner. I…

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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Florist

The ambiance of your wedding will be created by many factors including the venue, decor and yes, flowers. Their rich hues and fragrance bring a wedding to life with their beauty and brightness. The floral arrangements from the bouquet to the centerpieces┬ácan make your day, everyone’s day. Once again, your budget and time you have…

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